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Category: News

What we shipped: new Automation page, new Reports page, 2 new actions, EU and marketing emails consent, WP Fusion Lite integration and more

New Report page, new automation dashboard, EU and marketing email consents and new automation actions are some of the exciting new features we have added over the last three months that will hugely improve your experience and capabilities when automating your marketing.

What we shipped: WP Fusion integration, New form integrations, performance boost for frontend script, new conditions, actions and more

We welcomed 2021 with new additions to automation conditions and actions, integration with new third-party form builders, huge improvements on our script performance, WPFusion integration and more.

What we shipped last in 2020: Cross-channel automation for your segments, new WordPress integrations, automation recipes and more

Learn more about newly added Growmatik features such as cross-channel automation, automation recipes, new integrations, new selectors in product element such as upselling, cross-selling and discounted items as well as what's coming up in 2021.

What we shipped: Growmatik goes out of beta, public API, new dynamic keywords and more

After 5 months of addressing users’ feedback and comments, Growmatik is officially going out of beta. On top of this, Growmatik’s public API is also available, which will allow users to seamlessly connect Growmatik to other tools. Learn more about what we shipped recently and what's coming up next.

What we shipped: Advanced segmentation, user management, white-labeling emails and more to make Growmatik more powerful

Over the past 3 months, we’ve been hard at work improving and creating new features to enhance the Growmatik experience and make it more powerful for you. Let’s embark on an overview of the new features and also take a glimpse at what other exciting features are coming up next!