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Boost engagement with smart web pages

Improve your website experience with cross-channel personalization, all with a 100% visual, easy-to-use personalizer tool.

Personalize your online store
for every customer
based on their shopping behavior

Learn who your visitors are based on filters such as shopping status and history and incorporate those to create fully personalized experience for your customers.

Boost your conversion rate up to 500% with keywords and personalized product lists

Help your customers find what they’re looking for with personalized product and blog lists, cross-selling items, exclusive discounts and more.

Our users spent 3x more time on their Jupiter X WP dashboard after we added personalized keywords and blog recommendations using Growmatik.

Niloufar Firouzmand

Marketing Manager at Jupiter X WP - Turkey

Personalization can be 100% visual, from A to Z!

Why hassle with the outdated WordPress backend when personalizing? With Growmatik, use a robust visual tool to edit and execute personalization in the frontend, exactly how you want it to appear to visitors.

Use RFM and advanced time range filters to personalize based on customer loyalty

Personalize your page for loyal or inactive customers using filters such as recency, frequency or monetary amount, either within a specific time frame or with First time/All time/ Last time selectors.

Next level page personalization

Display the right content
at the right time

Personalized page based on “Location”

Personalized page based on “UTM / Referral”

Personalized page based on “items in the Cart”

Personalized page based on “User Activity”

Personalized page based on “Previously Page Visits”

Personalized page based on “items in the Cart”

Personalized page based on “Date”

Personalized page based on “Time of the Day”

Personalized page based on “Previously Blog Post Reads”

Personalized page based on “Most Recent Orders”

Personalized page based on “Past Orders”

Personalized page based on “Most Frequent Orders”

Don’t pay extra for geolocational personalization

Growmatik does not charge you extra fees for gelocational personalization. Enjoy personalizing based on geolocation for your tier’s entire allowed traffic.

Join 700+ businesses who send more automated, more personalized & more converting emails

site visits tracked and personalized
webpages personalized using Growmatik