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Marketing automation for WordPress within one simple dashboard

You say when and what.
We do all the heavy-lifting for you!
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If X Then Y!
Automate in two simple steps

Automate your marketing activities such as sending emails,
showing content or personalizing content.
Just set one condition and one action.

Define a Condition

Select a condition for your rule. Growmatik offers a vast library of possible conditions you normally need to target a website’s users.
Define details about your condition to achieve specific targeting.

Marketing Automation for WordPress - Date Condition

Date & Time

Define a specific date, date period or a specific time of the day (like morning, noon or evening)


If it’s Dec 25 Then launch …
If it’s morning Then launch …

Marketing Automation for WordPress - Source Condition


Define a specific URL for the incoming traffic as a condition. Or define UTMs to target the marketing campaigns outside your website such as paid media ads.


If Source is Then …
If UTM_source=BlackFridayGoogleAd Then …

Marketing Automation for WordPress - Location Condition


Define a specific country as your condition.


If there is a visitor from Cape Town Then …

Marketing Automation for WordPress - Device Condition


Define a condition to target tablet, mobile
or desktop.


If device is mobile Then …

Marketing Automation for WordPress - Page Visit Condition

Page Visit

Define visiting a specific page by your audience as a condition.


If about.html is visited Then …

Automate Your Marketing - User Type Condition

All users of the same type

Target all users of the same type with your condition: All guests, All leads or All customers.


All guests should …
All Leads should …

Marketing Automation for WordPress - User Behavior Condition

User Behavior

Define a specific user behavior as your rule condition.


Away user
If a user is away for 30 days Then …

Spend Time
If a user spends 10 hours lifetime in my website Then …

If a user scrolls 20% of the page

Abandoned Cart
If a user abandons cart Then …

Sign Up
If a user signs up Then …

Purchased Product
If a user purchased product X Then …

Orders count
If a user placed 100 orders in total Then …

Define an Action

Choose an action for your rule. You have power to execute literally
all actions regarding sending or serving content:
Show Page, Personalize Web Page, Send Email and Show Popup.

Show Popup Action

Show Popup

Set your rule to trigger a popup with the specified conditions such as the time-pass or exit intent. Create your popup from ground up with Growmatik powerful Popup maker or choose one of the readymade popups available for different purposes.


If it’s November 30 then show BlackFriday popup 

Send Email Action

Send Email

Set your rule to send an email when the specified conditions are met. Create your email from ground up with Growmatik powerful Email maker or choose one of the readymade email template built by professional designers for various purposes.


If a user abandons cart send them an email

Automate Your Marketing - Personalize Page Action

Personalize Page

Your conditions can trigger personalization of a specific page. Use the powerful Growmatik page personalizer to personalize text and graphics in your page based on your condition criteria. You can also add variety of dynamic elements that will be replaced by your visitor’s attributes.


If UTM_Source is GoogleShoesCampaign Then show Collection 1 in the page intro

Show Page Action

Show Page

Set your rule to redirect the users to a specific page in your website or an external link.


If source is Instagram then Redirect to shop page

Automate your marketing for guests, leads and customers within a bird-eye view

Say hi to the God mode of your website marketing management! Create, manage and organize your marketing automation rules for different user types: guests, leads & customers.

Get performance report

Growmatik provides simple yet insightful reports about your automation rule performance .
Have a look, pivot or persevere!
Performance Report
Marketing Automation for WordPress - Hero Image

Unleash the power of marketing automation for WordPress

Put an end to legwork in marketing and focus more on creativity and supervision.