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An all-in-one powerhouse to automate & personalize your marketing

Growmatik is helping marketers and growth officers around the world with their biggest challenges by being:
unified, automated, omni-channel & personalized

Why Growmatik - Featured Image
Why Growmatik - All in One

The only automation tool to personalize web pages, emails & popups in one dashboard

Growmatik is a one-stop-shop tool for all aspects of your marketing to tailor website content, display popups and send out email campaigns.

Elevated UX and fully visual builders

Move past WordPress backend and use fully visual builders with a modern UX to create personalized web content, emails and popups.

personalized popups for wordpress - popup builder for wordpress
discover customer journey in wordpress - Real Growth Analytics

Built-in attribution and analytics

Get rid of third-party, tag-based attribution and session-based analytics. Experience more insight and accuracy with native attribution and analytics built right into your marketing.

A reliable service rather than a WordPress plugin

Growmatik is not just a plugin but a service that includes hidden requirements such as email delivery service and server storage you otherwise pay separately when using other tools.

Unrivaled pricing: Pay the least for maximum value

Growmatik blows away pricing competition with unprecedentedly low pricing with the largest feature set and highest usage tiers.

The most generous Free plan

Get started by personalizing your website for as many as 10,000 visits, manage up to 2,000 contacts and send up to 15,000 monthly emails for free! What similar tools are already charging hundreds of dollars for.

Why Growmatik - Featured Image
Growmatik makes unified, automated, omni-channel & personalized marketing possible

Your old marketing toolbox is bloated and irrelevant. Start working with the future of marketing and drive growth.