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Getting started with
Growmatik is a breeze!

Just integrated your website with Growmatik?
Here are a few tips to begin automating growth.
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Getting started - Import contacts

Import your contacts

Import your existing list of leads or customers to Growmatik as a segment and create personalized automations for them.

Getting started - Connect to Google search console

Connect your site to
Google Search Console

See important analytics about your Google search performance right on your Reports pages.

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Create your first segment

Create your first user segment on the People page or choose one of Growmatik’s premade ones.

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Send your first personalized email

Build and send your segment an email with personalized content, products and posts.

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Personalize your first web page

Show your segment personalized content, products and posts. Impress them with dynamic keywords right inside your content.

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Display a personalized popup

Create and display a popup based on user type, behavior and interests.

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Create your first automation rule

Define a simple “IF this THEN that rule” and create your first automation rule.

Helpful resources on getting started