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Drive Engagement And Sales With Smart Emails

Send the right email to the right audience at the right time.

Send revenue-driving emails in a blink.

With customer data at hand, Growmatik sends your emails to the right person to bring in more revenue and conversions.
From customer onboarding and abandoned recovery emails, to post purchase campaigns and more.

email Cart abandoner follow up

happy bithday

email Welcome new customer

email Reward VIP customers

email Nurture leads with personalized blog posts

email Upselling emails

email Win back inactive customers

email Black Friday coupon email

email Cross selling

email Personalize emails based on open and click rate

And much more...

Automate your entire email arsenal with one tool. Transactional, broadcast or newsletter!

Whether it’s transactional email based on user behavior or broadcast email, your entire email campaign can be automated from a single dashboard.

Smart Emails - Growmatik
WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik

Maximize engagement with laser-precision targeting

Send highly-personalized emails to your customers by targeting them via 50+ filters covering demographic and referral details as well as in-site, email and shopping behavior.

Insert personalized product and blog lists into your smart email

Better engage with your customers with a personalized list of products and blog posts in your email based on their shopping behavior and interests.

smart emails product in cart

Products in cart

smart emails discounted products

Discounted products

smart emails cross sell upsell

Cross-sells and Upsells

smart emails most recent order

Most recent orders

smart emails related to past

Related to past orders

smart emails most frequent

Most frequent orders

Keep your customers informed with their order information

Build a relationship with your customer that lasts beyond a transaction. Send out important order confirmation and details directly to the customer who ordered from you.

smart emails keep your customers informed
smart emails dynamic tags

Personalize emails with the widest collection of dynamic keywords

Use 30 dynamic keywords to personalize your smart emails from simple attributes such as personal details to advanced attributes such as shopping details and in-site activity.

Auto-generated discount coupons based on customer’s behavior

You only decide what type of customers should get a discount and leave the rest to Growmatik. Discount coupons are automatically generated and included in your smart emails.

smart emails auto generated discount
quote icon

We moved all our marketing emails for the 200,000-member Jupiter X community from Mailchimp to Growmatik.
And it was a breeze!

smart emails quoting

Niloufar Firouzmand

Marketing Manager at Jupiter X

smart emails reactivate customers

Reduce customer churn with RFM segmentation and advanced time range filters

Use recency, frequency and monetary filters together with a specific time range or with First time / All time / Last time selectors to score your customers from loyal to chrun. And then send highly-targeted emails to your customers based on their RFM score for maximum engagement.

smart emails reduce customer
smart emails emails drag drop

Drag and drop your way to beautiful and responsive emails

Say hello to an entirely visual email building experience that takes you all the way from templates to automation. Fully optimized for both mobile and desktop devices.

Enjoy a vast library of pre-made smart email templates

Growmatik’s premade email templates serve different purposes such as lead nurturing, customer loyalty, customer retention and more.

Ever-improving performance with email reports and insights

See how your smart emails are performing with a simple yet insightful and actionable report. Growmatik includes all of the metrics related to your email automation to help you decide better and faster.

smart emails personalized product lists
smart emails third party email not required

No third-party email
delivery service required

Email delivery is a core feature of Growmatik, so you don’t need to pay for separate SMTP email services.

smart emails gdpr small

Growmatik is

You can display EU and marketing email consents in Growmatik popups as well as sign up and checkout forms. You can also filter and segment your audience based on their marketing consents.