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How Growmatik Helps With Marketing Automation & Personalization

how it work direction
how it work direction
Discover & Segment

Unveil your customer journey

Uncover your customer journey and see through your funnels. See what your traffic is doing across their journey on your website.

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How Growmatik Helps
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Discover & Segment

Use industry-leading filtering to segment your users

Use 50+ personal filters to create the most specific user segments ever made possible by a martech tool. From personal to in-site activity to shopping behavior and more.

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how it work segment
Automate & Personalize

Create and manage your automations easier than ever

Use our intuitive and easy-to-use automation dashboard to create complex or straightforward automations in no time, using a visual editor without any code involved.

how it work personalize
Automate & Personalize

Personalize your website content

Personalize your webpages for every segment with a fully visual editor. Use dynamic keywords, product lists and blog posts based on their behavior and interests.

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Automate & Personalize

Show highly-targeted popups for every segment

Display personalized popups based on user types and stage. Build popups with a completely visual builder or use one of the readymade popup templates for different niches.

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Automate & Personalize

Send smart emails to the right audience at the right time

Send personalized emails to every segment according to their behavior and interests. Insert highly personalized products, blog posts and keywords in your email without manually tailoring them.

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Measure & Iterate

Measure your marketing with analytics conversion & growth reports

Rather than raw vanity metrics, use Growmatik’s lean, tailored and actionable analytics reports showing you the real value of a campaign.

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Why Growmatik

how growmatik helps cross channel

The only cross-channel automation platform for emails, popups and webpages

how it work save money

Cut dependency on many third-party tools and save money.

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Unrivaled pricing:
Pay the least for the maximum value