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What We Shipped: WorkFlow, Shopify Integration, Stripe Events, HubSpot Integration, New Templates and More

The wait is over! It’s time for an update. Our team has been working tirelessly for the past four months to bring the most requested features, integrations and improvements to Growmatik. These include the new Workflow feature to create smart automation sequences, integration with Shopify and Hubspot, integration with Stripe events to be used as event triggers in your automation targeting, newly added templates for emails and popups, and more. 

Here’s a quick recap of what we have delivered since April 2022.

Workflow Builder

A marketing workflow is a series of steps and tasks that are carried out until a desired outcome is reached. A workflow consists of rules, operations and dependencies that allow the site owner or marketer to serve specific types of users pre-planned actions and materials. For example: if a user signs up, they first receive a welcome email, and after three days they receive a discount coupon for their first purchase.

Advanced workflows also respond to user behavior. For example: if a user does not open the first email within three days of receiving it, a follow up email is sent with a discount coupon. If they do open the first email, however, no more emails are sent.

Workflow Builder

A beta version of the workflow feature is now available on Growmatik’s automation page. It provides nearly every feature you expect from an advanced workflow builder, starting with a simple canvas where you can visually define and manage the key points for your workflow from top to bottom and build simple or complex automation workflows for different marketing needs. 

Just like with regular automation rules, to trigger a workflow you have to specify your audience and set trigger events. 

A workflow has four logical steps – Action, Decision, Delay and Wait Until – that help you define how the workflow moves from one key point to another. 

  • For Action, you can choose to show a popup, send an email, personalize a page or take any other actions that are available in automation rules. 
  • You can use Decisions before or after actions so your workflow reacts to the user’s behavior along the way. In fact, by adding a decision step you define a Yes/No path and the filter you have set for it determines what happens next. For example, if you choose Email Open Activity as the filter, anyone who has opened the specified email will join the Yes path. 
  • The Delay step allows you to pause for a certain number of hours or days and then perform the next action. Adding a three-day delay means the next step will run after three days have passed.
  • And finally, Wait Until defines a certain event as the main condition for a workflow to continue. For example, an email can be sent as soon as an order is placed.

Are you GrowthManiac?

Shopify Integration

We are pleased to announce Growmatik is now available in the Shopify app store as a single app to let you harness all the capabilities you need from a marketing automation tool for your Shopify store.

Shopify Integration

Shopify is known as a quick and easy platform for launching an online store and selling goods. It provides great assets for retailers to manage products, track orders and receive payments via a single platform. With Shopify integrations like Growmatik, you can leverage smart growth features for your online ecommerce store that are not available by default. This can greatly enhance the engagement and revenue of your online store using in-depth segmentation, powerful automations and smart marketing content.
Please note that, in order to use Growmatik in Shopify, you should subscribe directly from its Shopify listing. To find out more, read our guide on integrating Shopify websites.

Shopify Event Triggers

Along with the new Shopify integration, more than 15+ new event triggers related to Shopify have been added to the automation section. This means you can target your automations using various milestones on a customer’s journey through your Shopify store. A list of these events are provided in the following table:

Order EventsCustomer EventsCheckout EventsFulfillment EventsOther Events
Order CompletedCustomer CreatedCheckout CreatedFulfillment CreatedRefunds Created
Order CanceledCustomer UpdatedCheckout DeletedFulfillment UpdatedAbandoned Cart
Order CreatedCustomer DeletedCheckout Updated
Order DeletedCustomer Disable
Order EditedCustomer Enable
Order Updated
Order Placed
Table 1. Shopify Events

Stripe Event Triggers

The Stripe payment gateway is well-known worldwide and is used by millions of merchants. We’ve added multiple Stripe events to Growmatik’s event triggers to be used in automation targeting. The new Stripe events will enable you to target automations based on standard Stripe events related to customers, charges and invoices. You can use Stripe events in both rules and workflows.

Customer EventsCharge EventsInvoice Events
Customer CreatedCharge SucceededInvoice Created
Customer UpdatedCharge FailedInvoice Sent
Customer Subscription CreatedInvoice Payment Failed
Customer Subscription UpdatedInvoice Payment Succeeded
Customer Subscription DeletedInvoice Upcoming
Customer Subscription Trial Will End
Order Placed
Table 2. Stripe Events

You can, for example, send your customers an email after they have successfully made a purchase using the Charge Succeeded event.

Birthdate Event

Birthdate is another specific event that has been added to the list. This event allows you to trigger your desired action on someone’s birthday, or even a few days before. It helps increase users’ engagement by sending them birthday greeting cards or gifts through diverse marketing channels. Simply search for Birthdate in the event search box and set it to trigger someone’s birthday.

Birthdate Event

HubSpot Integration

Growmatik is now available on the HubSpot app marketplace as a marketing automation platform and is ready to be integrated with your HubSpot account. This integration allows you to create automation rules for adding, removing or updating contacts in HubSpot based on specific events. Read our HubSpot integration knowledge base article to learn how to connect Growmatik to HubSpot. 

With this integration, there are three exclusive HubSpot actions available to use. By choosing HubSpot as the main action, you can select to Add/Update/Remove a contact along with setting up contact attributes, lead status and life cycle stage.

HubSpot Integration

New Templates

Many elegant email and popup templates are now available from the workshop, with each template categorized according to its purpose. There are more than 80+ new templates in total waiting to be used in your marketing campaigns.


New Product Filters in the Personalizer

The Growmatik personalizer provides you with a number of elements for personalizing your webpages. As in the email and popup builder, the Product element in the web personalizer tool now allows you to insert personalized products based on advanced behavioral filters anywhere on your webpage. 

These filters include customer’s past orders, related products, cross-sells and upsells. Here is a table listing all product filters available in the Growmatik personalizer.

GeneralCustomer’s Past OrdersRelatedCross-sells (linked products)Upsells (linked products)
All ProductsMost frequent ordersRelated to product pageLinked to existing product pageLinked to existing product page
Product ID – NameMost recent ordersRelated to products in cartLinked to products in cartLinked to products in cart
CategoryRelated to previously visited productsLinked to previously visited productsLinked to previously visited products
Products in cartRelated to all past ordersLinked to last orderLinked to last order
Discounted productsRelated to the last order
Table 3. Product filters on Personalizer

What’s Next?

As usual, we’ve got a lot in store for you! We are hard at work to deliver as many requested features and integrations as possible, including:

  • Webhooks
  • WorkFlow templates
  • Custom events 
  • Advanced email builder features such as HTML editing
  • Collaboration features
  • Facebook integration 
  • Twilio integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Embed forms

Stay tuned and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the new features and improvements, as your feedback will help Growmatik evolve the way you want it to.

One more thing:

As you may have noticed, we have added a whole new section in our website under to cover changelog, current roadmap and, most importantly, feature requests.

feature requests

We are now actively checking this section to keep track of the requested features and choose them based on votes submitted by our community. We encourage you to submit your favorite features or vote on existing ones to help us prioritize what to deliver next to the Growmatik community. You can also always check the roadmap section to see what has been developed and what is in store to be released soon.

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