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Identify customer experience challenges that lead to churn with customer journey analytics

Follow in-site behavior for customers and leads and identify the key funnels that will make your business boom!

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Get a priceless look into customer behavior

The Growmatik Customer Journey tool provides the perfect lens to discover your website’s most important funnels. Uncover where customers go and plan how to improve their journey.

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Uncover key website funnels

Analyze locations, referral sources, landing pages, subscription channels and products to find out what’s working and what’s not. All with a single comprehensive report.

Uncover key

...or analyze and improve specific customer journeys

Take a closer look at traffic at key points of your website, from landing pages to specific products, to find out what your audience is doing.

Customer journey in WordPress - Sample Journey

Within the past quarter, among the users coming from the United States, landing page X has been the most popular, and they were mostly referred by Facebook. Some 400 of which have signed up, and 23 of which have bought dolls.

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It’s exactly what we want to be doing for clients! The nearest thing I can think of in the tools I have used is OmniConvert, which has a completely unattainable pricing structure.

Paul Lacey

Co-host in This Week in WordPress podcast - UK