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Use Multi-Touch Attribution
to Optimize Your Marketing

Unify marketing attribution. Measure efficiently. Make well-informed decisions. Boost your ROI.

Attribution - Growmatik

Monitor conversion across every marketing channel​

Discover which 

generate the most sales, sign-ups and revenue for your website.

Webpages attribution


✅ Which pages help sell the most products?
✅ Which website referred real customer?
✅ By how much?

Popup attribution


✅ How many sign-ups did this popup generate?
✅ How many sales have it resulted?

Emails attribution


✅ Which email campaigns did not result any sales?
✅ Which campaigns generate the most sales?

Collect attribution data for every campaign across all channels

conversion attribution

Track engagement and conversion KPIs  separately for every email campaign, transactional or broadcast.

ebook attribution

Track important KPIs and the conversion  details separately for every popup.

Monitor conversions based on every referral source

Identify key information about each referral source, from domains to UTMs and geolocations.
Find out how many sign-ups or sales they bring to your store.

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Uncover customer journey from different touchpoints

Use Growmatik’s customer journey tool to look through specific locations, sources, landing pages, subscription channels or specific products to see what your traffic is doing within those funnels.

discover dimention
Customer journey in WordPress - Sample Journey

Within the past quarter, among the users coming from the United States, landing page X has been the most popular, and they were mostly referred by Facebook. Some 400 of which have signed up, and 23 of which have bought dolls.

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