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How to find and keep your best customers using RFM segmentation

Who are your best customers? How do you define them? What should you do about them? In this article we'll explain how to use RFM segmentation to identify your best customers and show you practical ways to get them to continue buying.

How to use RFM segmentation to drive engagement and loyalty

RFM is a data modeling method based on purchasing behavior to segment customers. In this article we will show you how to use it to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

How to build and execute a loyalty program for WooCommerce without breaking a sweat – Part I

One of the best ways to increase the lifetime value of a customer is customer loyalty programs. In this article we will cover the essentials of an effective customer loyalty program.

What we shipped: Growmatik goes out of beta, public API, new dynamic keywords and more

After 5 months of addressing users’ feedback and comments, Growmatik is officially going out of beta. On top of this, Growmatik’s public API is also available, which will allow users to seamlessly connect Growmatik to other tools. Learn more about what we shipped recently and what's coming up next.

Actionable tips on using cognitive bias in marketing – Part II

Let's discuss the next five types of cognitive biases in marketing and how to use them in your brand's favor and grow your online business.

Actionable tips on using cognitive bias in marketing – Part I

Cognitive bias is an integral part of marketing in today’s world. Here are some tips on how to effectively use them to drive action and engagement.