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How to achieve personalization at scale with cross-channel marketing

In today’s saturated online market, generic or single-channel marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. Multi-channel personalization at scale is the new frontier for online marketing. In this article we’ll provide a complete guide on how to achieve and automate it using Growmatik.

What we shipped: WP Fusion integration, New form integrations, performance boost for frontend script, new conditions, actions and more

We welcomed 2021 with new additions to automation conditions and actions, integration with new third-party form builders, huge improvements on our script performance, WPFusion integration and more.

How to build and execute a loyalty program for WooCommerce without breaking a sweat – Part II

In the second post in our two-part series, we walk you through step-by-step of exactly how you can set up and execute a loyalty program in WooCommerce using Growmatik.

20 marketing automation recipes to take your lead from hi to buy!

How do you think you can persuade your lead to buy from your website? well, better not to spend much time to figure out because in this article we are going to show you most essential marketing automation recipes to make it happen easy as pie with Growmatik.

What we shipped last in 2020: Cross-channel automation for your segments, new WordPress integrations, automation recipes and more

Learn more about newly added Growmatik features such as cross-channel automation, automation recipes, new integrations, new selectors in product element such as upselling, cross-selling and discounted items as well as what's coming up in 2021.

How to recover abandoned carts with a multi-channel follow-up approach

The majority of online shoppers abandon their carts without making a purchase. In this article we'll discuss why it happens and how to go about recovering abandoned carts by using a multi-channel follow up approach with some practical examples.