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Automations Page


In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Automations page and create automation rules to automate your marketing activities.

What is the Automations page?

Marketing normally requires a lot of legwork. The Growmatik Automations page is a simple yet powerful automation mechanism that automates marketing actions such as sending emails, personalizing content, showing popups and more for your visitors based on the stage in their journey on your website.

You can create and manage your automation rules in the Automations page inside the Growmatik app. 

automations page inside the Growmatik app

The typical user’s journey through your website is organized into three main columns:

  • Guests are the site visitors whose emails you do not yet have. In other words, these are the potential leads and customers.
  • Leads are the guests who have registered on your site and whose emails you have access to.
  • Customers are the guests or leads who have completed a purchase on your website.

Note: A person falls into only one of the mentioned groups. So, as an example, when a Guest or a Lead completes a purchase, he/she is converted to a Customer. Similarly, when a Guest registers on your website, he/she is converted to a Lead.

You can see the number of users in each stage on top of the respective column.

How to use the Quick Report widget on the Automations page:

You can see a quick performance report of your website by going to the upper right corner of the Automations page. This widget includes essential metrics about your website that might help you ideate a new automation and the next step in your marketing campaign.

quick report in automations page - Growmatik App

You can define a date range for the widget and see the metrics according to that period.

  • All audience: The total number of guests, leads and customers.
  • Pageviews:  Your website’s overall pageview counts.
  • Bounce rate: Your website’s overall bounce rate.
  • Top sources: Sources that have driven the most traffic to your website. 
  • Top UTM: UTMs that have driven the most traffic to your website. 
  • Top Keywords: Keywords that have driven the most traffic to your website (needs integration with Google Search Console).

What is an automation rule?

Automations in Growmatik are built-in forms of the ‘IF this THEN that’ rule. Each rule consists of one condition and one action. When the condition is triggered, the action will be fired.

How to create automation rules in Growmatik:

  1. In the Automations page, click on the button in one of the columns based on the user type you are targeting.automations page - create rule first step
  2. You’ll be presented with the rule creation dialogue where you can select a condition and an action that will be triggered when that condition is met.
    automations page - create rule second step
  3. There are different conditions and actions to select from. Select a condition and choose an action. Each condition and action has its own parameters to set.
  4. Once you’ve selected your desired condition and action, click on the Create Rule button to add it to the list of rules.

    Note: Using the checkbox below, you can activate the rule immediately after the rule is created or save it as an inactive rule. The rule will remain inactive in the dashboard until you activate it.automations page - activate rule

How to start/stop an automation rule:

You can activate/deactivate your automation rules at any time using the Activate/Pause buttons in the automation dialogue.

  1. Click on a rule in the Automations page.
  2. If you would like to pause an active running rule, click the Pause button. If the rule was previously created as an inactive rule or if it was paused before, click on the Activate button.automations page - edit rule

Note: An active/inactive rule will be indicated by green and orange dots respectively on an automation rule.

How to remove an automation rule:

You can delete an automation rule from your Automations page by clicking on the Remove button inside the rule dialogue.

How to see the performance of an automation rule:

You can see the performance metrics of an automation rule by clicking on the Report button inside the automation dialogue. The performance report of a rule covers the most important metrics related to that automation to help you understand if it’s working as expected or not.

What are the possible combinations for conditions and actions?

It’s important to know that not all conditions and actions are available for all stages of a user’s journey. Some of the conditions and actions might not be available in a column which you’re trying to create the automation. For example, you cannot set Send Email as an action in any rule created in the Guests column as Growmatik does not have a guest’s email address.
Some combinations for conditions and actions are also not practical. For example, the ‘IF Device THEN Send Email’ rule is an impractical rule; so, this combination is not supported.

List of different conditions for a rule:

List of different actions for a rule:

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