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Automation - Location Condition

Updated on 2021-06-23


In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Location condition in Growmatik to create geolocational segmentation. Geolocational targeting condition is useful when you want to target audiences from a specific geographical location in the marketing automation process. Growmatik recognizes locations as countries.

Define a location as the condition:

  1. Click on the Location condition in Growmatik Automations page.
  2. Open the drop-down menu, then search and select a country.
    You can select one or multiple countries in this condition to target various groups of people.
  3. Click on the Save button.location condition - define a location as the condition

Note: Upon clicking on the drop-down, you’ll see a list of current top locations with the percentage of your audience coming from each.

Personalize your marketing based on your audience's location