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Category: Marketing Tips

13 essential marketing automation KPIs smart marketers monitor

Have you ever wondered if you are in the right marketing strategy? In this blog post you can find essential data to measure the efficiency of your efforts and see how close you are to your business goals.

7 deadly reasons why marketing automation fails

Is marketing automation a bad idea? You’re probably not using it right! In this article you will find 7 of the deadliest marketing automation mistakes you can make and how to avoid it.

10 welcome email templates to inspire your onboarding campaigns

It's important to build a good relationship with leads from beginning. In this article you will find essential features of a good welcome email with examples of welcome email templates to inspire your onboarding campaigns.
marketing automation specialist checklist

What does a marketing automation specialist do?

What is a marketing automation specialist, and how can one help your company achieve its ecommerce goals? In this article you will learn the responsibilities and skills of a marketing automation specialist and how to use it in your business.

A quick overview of Growmatik Analytics

Need to figure out what’s working in your digital marketing efforts and what’s not? What you need is the right analytics tool!

10 Best marketing automation lead nurturing practices

In contemporary digital marketing, automation means being there for your potential customer when they need you. In this article you can discover some effective recipes for marketing automation lead nurturing practices.

How to add analytics to WordPress

Do you need to analyze the data on your WordPress website? If you want to know more about how your users interact with the website’s content, pages, services, and products

What You Need to Know About GDPR and Marketing Automation

What better way to show your customers you care about their privacy and safety? You'll learn how to get benefit from GDPR regulations and achieve compliance with the right tool in this article.

Growth hacker’s guide on how to track website traffic

The number of effective visitors to your website is equal to the chances you have to increase your number of leads and best customers and, as a result, drive sales.

Top 10 examples of abandoned cart email templates

For the online shop, nothing’s more frustrating than abandoned carts! In this article we will explain main reasons why potential customers abandoned carts and how to craft abandoned cart email templates using real-world examples.