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Break down the customer journey in WordPress to see a 360-degree view of the customer

Discover the performing funnels and how they drive growth. See what your leads and customers are doing on your website.

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discover customer journey in wordpress - Customer Journey tool - MailPoet alternative

Get priceless insights about your WooCommerce customers

The Growmatik Customer Journey tool is an interactive magic wand to help you uncover your site’s life funnels. See which funnel is working and what should be done next.

Discover top-performing website funnels

See top-performing locations, referral sources, landing pages, subscription channels and products on your website at a glance.

Customer journey in WordPress - Growmatik
discover customer journey in wordpress

...or focus on and study specific customer journeys

Alternatively, look through specific locations, sources, landing pages, subscription channels or specific products to see what your traffic is doing within those funnels.

Customer journey in WordPress - Sample Journey

Within the past quarter, among the users coming from the United States, landing page X has been the most popular, and they were mostly referred by Facebook. Some 400 of which have signed up, and 23 of which have bought dolls.

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Narrow down customer journey by advanced filtering

Narrow down your view by setting compound filters and see what more specific WooCommerce segments are doing throughout their journey.

Which means users who came from Location X and landed on Landing.

discover customer journey in wordpress - united states

Customers who have purchased Olive Lotion via the guest checkout are mostly referred by Instagram.

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Why Growmatik?

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The only automation tool with
built-in attribution and analytics

Generous Free Plan - How Growmatik helps

Growmatik pricing is based on usage and growth not the features you use. 

Unrivaled Pircing - How Growmatik helps

Manage as many as 2,000 contacts, personalize for 10,000 visits and send up to 15,000 monthly emails for free!

Analytics - Growmatik
See the whole customer journey in WordPress on a single screen

Oversee your customer journey in WordPress, amplify what’s working and fix what’s not working.