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Drive engagement
and sales with website personalization for WordPress

Give life to your customer journey.
Show people exactly what they want to see.
Website Personalization for WordPress

Your website, personalized!

Website personalization for WordPress based on
visitors’ details, behavior and interests

Growmatik leverages a wide range of criteria to show every visitor the most relevant content based on their personal details, in-site activity and shopping behavior on your website.

Website Personalization for WordPress - visitor
Website Personalization for WordPress - lead
Website Personalization for WordPress - customer

Based on user stage (guest, lead, customer)

Website Personalization for WordPress - location

Based on location

Website Personalization for WordPress - source

Based on source

Website Personalization for WordPress - date

Based on date & time

Website Personalization for WordPress - based on device

Based on device

marketing automation for wordpress - Personalize page based on visiting history

Based on visited pages

marketing automation for wordpress - Personalize page based on shopping history and order count

Based on past shopping behavior

Personalize nearly everything in your website

Make your marketing highly relevant through not only personalizing text but also individual elements such as images, video, buttons, icons or even entire page section!

personalize visual page element

Personalize every single visual page element

related product

Show related products based on past shopping history

personalized category

Show specific product category to a segment

marketing automation for wordpress - Special landing based on date

Show abandoned cart items to your user

personalized blog

Show related blog posts based on past reading experience

webpage personalizer for wordpress - blog from category

Show blog posts from specific category

Incorporate important personal data related to visitor info into your text

Website personalization woocommerce - Geolocation

Personal details

Name, location, phone, birth date and more

shopping details

Shopping details

Order number, name of purchased items, order count and value, purchase date
and more

webpage personalizer for wordpress - insite activity

In-site activity

signup date, time spent, used device & browser, number of opened and
clicked emails

webpage personalizer for wordpress - today date and time

Today date
and time of the day

user's custom attributes

User’s custom attributes

Bring any custom attribute related to your customer inside your content

Personalize visually

Leave behind the outdated WordPress backend for personalization. Instead, utilize a robust visual tool to edit and implement personalization in the frontend exactly as you want visitors to see it.

Website Personalization for WordPress - Visual Personalization
Website Personalization for WordPress - Geolocational personalization

Personalize via geolocation

Growmatik does not charge you extra fees for gelocational personalization. Enjoy personalization for your tier’s entire allowed traffic.

Included server resources

Growmatik uses its own server resources to execute website personalization for WordPress, meaning it won’t slow down your site’s speed performance. And unlike other personalization tools you won’t pay extra for that!

Website Personalization for WordPress - Save your server resources
Website Personalization for WordPress - Analytics Report

Measure with actionable performance reports

Get a simple and insightful analytics report on how your personalization is doing with Growmatik’s performance report. Growmatik includes all of the metrics related to your email automation to help you decide better and faster.

Why Growmatik?

Growmatik Pricing - All in One - How Growmatik helps

Automate and personalize
not just webpages but popups
and emails content as well

Generous Free Plan - How Growmatik helps

Growmatik pricing is based on usage and growth. Features and number of websites used are not factor.

Website Personalization for WordPress
Drive engagement & sales with smart website personalization for WordPress

Personalize your website content for each user based on their stage, attributes and preferences.