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Looking for an alternative to “Logic Hop”?

Use a completely visual tool with custom UX to create personalization rather than using the old school WordPress backend. Go beyond single-channel website personalization and unify your entire marketing.


How “Growmatik” outperforms “Logic Hop”

Visual-oriented personalizer

Throw out the outdated WordPress backend while creating personalization. Instead, use a robust visual tool to edit and execute personalization in the frontend exactly how you want it to appear to visitors.

Visual Personalizer
Beyond Text Personalization

Going beyond
text personalization

Growmatik offers more than personalizing only text. Step up your personalization game by customizing elements such as video, buttons, images, icons – or even an entire page section!

Targeting based on
shopping behavior

Shopping behavior is one of the most important things to consider when personalizing your site’s content. In Growmatik, use shopping behavior criteria such as the purchase of certain products, total order account and more to tweak content.

Target based on shopping behavior
Dynamic Product Element

Dynamic product and
blog elements

Place advanced dynamic product and personalized blog lists on your page to automatically show related products, popular products, abandoned products, product categories and more.

Advanced dynamic
keyword insertion

In Growmatik, you have access to as many as 30 dynamic attributes including last purchase date, signup date, total order count, order number, among more. You can even use your own tailored attributes.

Advanced Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Multichannel personalization

Email and popup personalization, not just pages

Personalization works best when it’s implemented and in sync with every touchpoint. In Growmatik, you can personalize your popups and email campaigns in addition to pages.

Lifetime data storage

Growmatik does not charge you extra based on the amount of your website’s data it stores in its servers. We process and store your website data for as long as you want.

Lifetime data storage


Logic Hop offers pricing changes depending on whether you want to store your data on local storage or Logic Hop servers. Server data plans start from $249/month for 10,000 monthly sessions while Growmatik offers noticeably lower pricing for the same amount of as low as $0!

Logic Hop
Starting at $8/month
Local storage > $199/year for 1 domain
Server storage > $249/month
Price for 10,000 sessions/month (server storage)
Price for 50,000 sessions/month (server storage)
Price for 250,000 sessions/month (server storage)
Free plan
All features available
Some features are locked
Subscriber management with free plan
Up to 2,000 subscribers
Not available
Email sending limit with free plan
Up to 15,000 emails/month
Not available

* All monthly prices are applicable when billed annually


Our platform is designed with a broad marketing and UX perspective and aims to automate your marketing efficiently. All channels, businesses and products are covered!

Content Personalization

Logic Hop
Automation building
IF this THEN that
Conditions and action
Content personalizer tool
Text based only (coding involved)
Code-free content personalization
Unlimited data storage
✔ (until deactivation of account)
✘ (only 30, 90 or 180 days based on your data plan)
Advanced dynamic keywords
Dynamic product list insertion (recent, related, ID, category)
Abandoned products display
Personalized blog list insertion (recent, related, ID, category)
Included server resources
✔ (limited only in data plans)

Email Marketing

Logic Hop
Send email action
Email builder
Built-in email delivery service
Email templates
Transactional emails
Broadcast emails
White-labeling emails


Logic Hop
Show popup action
Popup builder
Popup forms

Targeting & Segmentation

Logic Hop
Targeting – Referral & geolocation
Targeting – Site activity
Targeting – User type
Guest, Leads, Customer
Guest, Users
Targeting – Shopping activity

Built-in Analytics & Attribution

Logic Hop
Automation performance reports
Customer journey views
Code-free conversion tracking

Built-in CRM

Logic Hop
Contact management
Contact custom attributes

Other Features

Logic Hop
Coupon codes
Unlimited sites
All features available in all premium tiers
Single WordPress plugin
✘ A separate plugin should be installed for each third-party plugin (Divi, Elementor,Beaver).
Chat support
✔ (only in data plans)
Complimentary account setup

Do more with Growmatik

The real All-in-one

Growmatik is the only real omnichannel marketing automation tool that serves 3 channels – email, popup, website content – in one dashboard.

All in One
Built and tuned for WordPress

Built and tuned for WordPress

Growmatik is natively built for WordPress by WordPress veterans. It offers maximum compatibility with WooCommerce, all major plugins and page builders.

In-depth attribution & analytics

Growmatik gives you the need-to-know data about your automations that you can use to decide what to do next. Also with its powerful customer journey, you’ll have complete control over and insight into your website funnels.

Analytics & Attribution
Personalize your website

Personalize your website


Display highly-targeted popups

Automate Emails

Automate email marketing

Premade Templates

Pre-made email and popup templates


Widest range of
segmentation criteria


Unrivaled pricing

Upgrade from a single-channel personalization tool to an omni-channel and all-in-one marketing platform.


This software comparison was last updated on August 31, 2020. If you have any suggested changes or notes, please email them to us.