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White labeling emails


By default, Growmatik’s email automation rules use the email as the sender and reply-to parameters of the sent emails. In this article, you’ll learn how to replace Growmatik’s default sender and the reply-to email with your own custom email address. This process is also known as white labeling emails.

Defining and using white labeling emails:

  1. To get started with white labeling emails, click on the profile menu and go to Site Settings.white labeling emails - profile menu
  2. In the Custom Outbound Email section, click on the Add new email address button.white labeling emails - custom outbound email section
  3. Define the sender’s name and email address, then click on the Add button.white labeling emails - define senders name and email address
  4. The email will be added with an Unverified status. Click on the Send Verification Email button. This will send an email to your defined address in the previous step, so you can verify the email is yours.white labeling emails - send verification email
  5. Open the verified email and click on the Verify Email Address button.
  6. Once your email is verified, the status will change to Verified Email.white labeling emails - verified email status
  7. At this step, you need to authenticate your domain to be able to send white labeling emails. Click on the Authenticate domain button.white labeling emails - authentication domain
  8. You’ll be presented with a dialog that provides some information for domain authentication. Keep a copy of the provided information.
  9. In order to authenticate your domain, you need to go to your domain or hosting service control panel and define a TXT record with the provided information.
    Note: This may appear to be different for your domain control panel, and if you’re not sure how to do it, you can contact your domain support service so that they can do it for you.
  10. After creating the TXT record, go back to Growmatik and click on the Verify button.
  11. Your domain should now be authenticated and the Authenticated domain and Validating badges should appear in the status section.
    Note: The validation process can take up to one hour, and once it is done, the Validating badge disappears when you refresh the page.
  12. Once the Validating badge disappears, you can use your custom white labeling emails when creating email templates.
  13. In order to define a custom email in your email templates, click on the Sending Options button in the email builder.
    Learn more about how to create email templates using email builder.
  14. In the Sending Options dialog, you can define the sender’s address and the reply-to emails.
  15. Once you saved the template and assigned it to an email automation rule, your emails will be sent using your custom email address. Learn more about creating automation rules with Growmatik email.

Note: You can repeat the steps above to add more custom emails.

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