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Email warm up scheme


In this article, you will learn about Growmatik’s email warm up scheme, sending conditions and behavior.


What is email warm up?

Growmatik email warm up is the process by which tenants can gain a reputation and eventually be able to send more emails per hour or day, as well as transactional emails.
There is a ceiling on the number of emails that a new user can send via Growmatik – both an hourly and daily limitation – as shown in the table below:

LevelHourly limitDaily limit
Level 150500
Level 21001000
Level 32002000
Level 45005000
Level 5200020000
Growmatik Email Standing Table

Each user starts from level 1. Anytime they reach their daily quota, that user will be moved to the next level.
For example, whenever a user sends at least 500 emails in one day for the first time – to real recipients – then the user’s reputation will move up to level 2 and so on.

Who counts as a restricted user in Growmatik?

After an email campaign where one or both of the following situations happens for the first time, Growmatik will not allow emails to be sent for 24 hours:

  • The failed email or bounce rate exceeds 5% of the total sent emails from the last campaign.
  • The complaint rate exceeds 0.1% of the total sent emails from the last campaign.

The second time either occurs, Growmatik will restrict the tenant’s email service and mark them as a restricted user.

Growmatik Email Types

There are two types of emails in Growmatik to choose as an action: Transactional and Marketing.

Marketing emails are those that recipients have to opt in to receive, such as notification emails (e.g. new products or new blog posts). It’s recommended that you provide options for users to opt-out whenever they want for this type of email.

Transactional emails are the result of a specific action that the recipient has made while interacting with your business, such as the welcome email you send your lead after they sign up for your blog or the confirmation email you send to your customer after they place an order.

How to send transactional emails

After a tenant registers and wants to send emails via the Growmatik email action, the marketing email type is activated as an option. The transactional email type, however, is not activated, so the user cannot see or choose it as an email type.

In order to be eligible for sending transactional emails, your account should meet the following criteria:

  • Your account should have sent at least 3,500 marketing emails within Growmatik’s hourly and daily limits, which means being on the fourth level of Growmatik’s email standing table.
  • The failed email rate should not exceed 5% of the total sent emails from the last campaign.
  • The complaint rate should not exceed 0.1% of the total sent emails from the last campaign.

When all of those criteria have been met, the transactional email type will become an activated option to choose from.