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Automation Condition - Segment

Updated on 2021-06-23


In this article, you’ll learn about how to set a Segment as a condition in Growmatik. segment condition allows you to target specific leads or customers segments. The following topic is covered:

  • Defining a segment as the condition

Defining a segment as the condition

1. Click on the Segment condition.
2. Open the drop-down menu and select the segment you want to target. User segments should be created beforehand in the People section.
3. Click on the Save button.

Segment condition - Growmatik

Note 1: This condition is only available in the Leads and Customers columns.
Note 2: The only available segments in the Segment condition are those that have a related user type in the People page. This means that the listed segments for Leads are assigned the lead user type and the listed segments for Customers are assigned the customer user type.

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