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All-in-one Personalized Marketing Automation for WordPress & WooCommerce

Discover sales funnels. Drive engagement.
Personalize customer journeys.
Skyrocket sales and build loyalty.

Segment your audience and unleash precision-targeted engagement at scale.

Send highly personalized emails and newsletters to different customer segments.

Display highly targeted forms and popups exactly when customers want it.

Personalize your landing and product pages. Create experiences as unique as your customers.

Personalized Marketing Automation for WordPress - Customer Journey
  • Customer journey

Segment customers based on behavior and interests

Break down the customer journey on your website. Segment users by sources they were referred from, pages they’ve clicked on, products they’ve bought, emails they’ve opened, and a lot more.

  • Automation

Automate your entire marketing stack on one screen.

Automate all your marketing activities from personalized web pages to email and popups into one dashboard. Automate without code, execute without pain and schedule without delays.

Personalized Marketing Automation for WordPress - Automation
Personalized Marketing Automation for WordPress - Personalization
  • Website personalization

Personalize experiences as unique as your customers.

Give each visitor a personalized path to convert. Show everyone their own version of your WordPress website based on their stage, behavior and preferences.

  • Personalized emails

Send beautiful & personalized emails based on advanced customer behavior.

Build meaningful connections with your customers. Notify them about relevant blog posts, recommend products or offer discounts at the exact moment they’re most engaged.

Personalized Marketing Automation for WordPress - Personalized Emails

Generate repeat sales with follow-ups

Win back the sales
left in carts

Win back
indecisive customers

loyal customers

Engage after
a purchase is done

Nurture your leads
with a discount coupon

Send weekly newsletters
to all subscribers

Say hi and motivate
new subscribers

Dozens of readymade email templates

Personalized Marketing Automation for WordPress - Personalized Popups
  • Personalized popups

Meet smart popups:
Highly-targeted to attract, initiate and motivate leads

Leverage powerful segmentation and behavioral targeting to deliver highly-personalized popups. Start a conversation, Increase engagement and achieve greater conversion.

Show your best offer
before exit

Win back the
cart abandoner

new subscribers

Nurture your lead
with a discount coupon

Show geolocated

Special offer for
loyal customers

Boost your
social follower base

Excite your customer
with a flash sale

Dozens of readymade popup templates

  • Performance report

Assess your marketing performance at every level.

Measure and assess the results of each marketing activity. Get priceless data about your automations. Optimize your campaigns based on actionable insights.

Personalized Marketing Automation for WordPress - Performance Report
Personalized Marketing Automation for WordPress - Analytics & Attribution
  • Analytics & attribution

Get humanized & actionable analytics about what matters in real-time.

All your business’s most crucial data is at your fingertips. See the most important metrics you need to make a decision about your WordPress/WooCommerce website marketing.

  • All-in-one

All your marketing arsenal unified. Save money. Save time.

Growmatik powers your marketing lifecycle end-to-end without needing dozens of third-party tools. Let go of the marketing legwork and focus on what drives growth and profitability.

Works with your
WordPress page builder of choice





Fusion builder

Muffin builder

Growth on autopilot through personalized marketing

  • Find growth opportunities in your customer journey.
  • Free up time and focus on growth by unifying your marketing hub.
  • Delight your customers with personalized experiences.
  • Build informed relationships with your customers.
  • Free yourself from third-party dependency and tools.


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