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Boost Marketing With End-To-End WordPress Automation

Automate entire marketing for your WordPress website, improve customer experience and boost revenue.
Target smarter

Target smarter
Drive highly-targeted traffic with advanced segmentation.

Engage better

Engage better
Capture and engage customers with personalized content.

Sell faster

Sell faster
Increase lifetime value via smart retention and follow-up campaigns.

Why Growmatik

Target smarter with omni-channel user data

Use 100+ different filters to create simple or sophisticated marketing segments. Growmatik segments are dynamic and always up-to-date. 


✔ Site activity

✔ Referral / Source

✔ Email activity

✔ Geolocation

✔ RFM metrics

Automate WordPress emails: transactional, broadcast or newsletter!


Whether it’s WooCommerce customer onboarding, abandoner follow up or weekly newsletter, you can send your entire emails in WordPress from within one dashboard.

✔ Send the right email to the right person at the right time. 

✔ Convert leads with smart email sequences. 

✔ Drive repeat sales with smart cross-selling emails.

✔ Re-engage abandoners by smart follow up content.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik
Website Personalization - Growmatik

Boost engagement with dynamic WordPress content

Tailor your WordPress and WooCommerce website content by showing the right content to the right audience in the right time.


✔ 100% visual, zero-code.

✔ Boost website experience with personalized keywords and products lists

✔ Personalize based on location, source and shopping details.

✔ No extra fees for geolocational personalization

Niloufar FirouzmandMarketing Manager – Jupiter X
The Growmatik migration team helped us move all our marketing emails for the 200,000-member Jupiter X community from Mailchimp to Growmatik. It was a breeze!
jx logo round
Andriy Zapisotskyi​Growth Lead - Mailtrap
Growmatik offers one of the smartest email automation solutions for WooCommerce on the market. No need to download six different plugins!
mailtrap logo
Clint Fontanella​​Marketing Manager - HubSpot
If you’re serious about smart, data-driven customer segmentation, you should consider the Growmatik for WordPress.
hubspot logo
Paul LaceyCo-host at This Week in WordPress
The nearest thing I can think of in the tools I have used is OmniConvert, which has a completely unattainable pricing structure.
paul lacey lg

See 500% growth in leads, and sales with smart WordPress content


Relevancy is the road to faster growth. Show your customers exactly what they want to see.

Dynamic products lists: discounted items, abandoned items, upselling  or cross-sellint related to last order, related to all past order and more

Dynamic blog lists: popular posts, recent posts, related posts, specific post ID, specific post category

Dynamic keywords: personal details, in-site details, shopping details, custom keywords, referral details, geolocation details, time/date details

product list smartweb
drag n drop 2

Craft beautiful marketing content, all via drag and drop

Use 100% visual builders to craft emails, popup and web page personalizations. Alternatively use pre-made automation recipes and marketing templates for different purposes and save time.


Track. Attribute. Optimize
Entire WordPress Analytics in One Place


Get actionable analytics about your WordPress website.
Track the performance of every marketing campaign. Get immediate insights into WooCommerce customer behavior.

Attribution - Growmatik

6 ways Growmatik does the
WordPress automation, right!

1- Reduce customer acquisition cost via smart landing pages

Impress visitors with personalized WordPress content based on their shopping history, geolocation or referring source.

smart landing page
WordPress Automation - Popups

2- Collect more and better leads with smart popups

Keep your leads from clicking away with on-exit popups featuring personalized coupons. Craft eye-catching content to get up to 60% conversion in lead-gen forms.

3- Boost engagement with tailored blog and product lists

Incorporate everything from tailored product and blog lists to dynamic keywords in your WordPress web pages and emails and boost audience engagement.

Website personalization for WooCommerce - Tailored product lists
WordPress automation email reactivation

4- Recover cart abandoners and inactive customers with smart follow-ups

Smartly target inactive customers and cart abandoners by showing cart items and personalized discount coupons inside emails and  re-engage up to 80% of lost users.

5- Drive repeat sales with smart cross-selling emails

Serve WooCommerce customers post-purchase emails featuring personalized upselling, discounted items and cross-selling products to boost average order value up to 30%.

WordPress automation email cross sell
WordPress automation rfm segmentation

6. Know and expand your loyal customer base with RFM segmentation

Reward customers with personalized recommendations and coupons to increase lifetime value between 25%-95%.

Do what all WordPress automation tools do,
better and for a lower price

Don’t pay for features.

Don’t pay for SMTP delivery.

Don’t pay for additional
site integrations.

10,000 subscribers
25,000 subscribers
100,000 subscribers
integrate 3

Integrate with your favorite tools & plugins

From lead generation tools to page builders, Growmatik can connect with all your favorite WordPress plugins. You can also connect Growmatik to your own custom tools using its public API.