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Grow Sales With Effective Website Personalization for Shopify

Provide an omni-channel personalization experience for your store without writing a single line of code.

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Serve a tailored version of your store
based on shopping behavior

Tap into data covering customer shopping behavior, including purchase date and items, coupons, quantity and value and more.
Turn this data into sleek, personalized web pages!
Website Personalization - Growmatik

Boost conversion rates up to 500%
with personalized products, blogs and keywords

Employ personalized modules such as product categories, discounted and cross selling times, keywords and blog lists to foster engagement in your users.

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Our users spent 3x more time on their Jupiter X WP dashboard after we added personalized keywords and blog feed using Growmatik.

Niloufar Firouzmand

Marketing Manager at Jupiter X WP – Turkey


100% visual personalization, from start to finish

Edit and execute personalization in your website’s frontend using Growmatik’s visual personalization tool and preview what your customers see.

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Website personalization woocommerce - Geolocation

No extra charge for geolocational personalization

Growmatik lets you enjoy geolocation website personalization for Shopify based on your plan’s entire allowed traffic without charging any extra fees.

No extra charge for server storage

Growmatik processes and stores your website data for as long as you want without charging extra for volume..

Lifetime data storage - logic hop alternative

Join 2000+ businesses personalizing their webpages, emails and popups with Growmatik

site visits tracked and personalized
webpages personalized using Growmatik

Harness RFM and time range filters to personalize based on customer engagement and loyalty

Personalize your pages for any tier, from loyal to inactive customers, using recency, frequency and monetary filters or First time/All time/Last time selectors within a specific time range.

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Not only webpages! Harness personalization power for emails, popups and more.

Growmatik allows you to personalize everything from webpage content to email campaigns and popups, letting you build coordinated campaigns where all touchpoints work in sync.

Integrate and measure analytics from all channels into one screen

Measure and assess the results of every personalization campaign in any channel. Get conversion reports about a specific campaign or the entire Shopify website.


WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik Analytics

5 ways Growmatik website personalization for Shopify grows your business

smart landing page

1- Deploy smart landing pages to lower customer acquisition cost

Use geolocation or referral source data to serve customers impressive personalized content.

2- Serve personalized popups to generate more leads

Up conversion to 60% on lead-gen forms with eye catching popups, and then keep the lead from clicking away with exit intent popups containing an offer they can’t refuse!

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Website personalization for WooCommerce - Tailored product lists

3- Display custom blog and product lists to up engagement

Add personalized content, from product and blog lists to keywords, to your webpages and watch engagement soar.

4- Use personalized followups to salvage abandoned carts

Prioritize displaying abandoned items on your page to salvage up to 80% of abandoned Shopify carts.

Website personalization for WooCommerce - Recover abandoned carts


Recovered customers

email marketing woocommerce - Growmatik cross-selling emails


Order value

5- Drive repeat sales with smart cross-selling emails

Drive a 20%-30% increase in average order value with post-purchase emails including highly-personalized upselling, cross-selling and discounted items.

6- Use RFM segmentation to know and grow your loyal customer base

Reward your most loyal customers with personalized recommendations and discounts to increase their lifetime value between 25% and 95%.

Website personalization for WooCommerce - RFM segmentation



The power of multiple tools in one tool
at a much lower price

Don’t pay for features.

Don’t pay for SMTP delivery.

Don’t pay for additional
site integrations.

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You will be surprised how easy and affordable omni-channel marketing is with Growmatik. It is like Voltran for any marketer.

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Mucahit Gayiran

Co-founder at Artboard Studio

Connect to your favorite Shopify app

Growmatik is compatible with a wide range of popular tools and plugins, from external lead-gen tools to major page builders. You can also integrate your own custom tools thanks to its public API.

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