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Growmatik - logic hop alternative - Jilt alternative
Omnisend alternative - Growmatik

Looking for an Omnisend alternative?

Upgrade to a REAL omni-channel, smart and affordable marketing platform.
Manage your marketing automation challenges easier than ever.

Personalize emails, webpages and more with one powerful tool

Growmatik can help you craft a seamless personalized experience for your customers. Target with popups, impress with personalized web pages and woo with highly tailored emails, all from one platform.

all in one
Omnidsend Alternative - Growmatik

Pay less for a more powerful experience

With Growmatik you’ll save so much compared to Omnisend. To give just one example, Growmatik doesn’t charge you extra for SMTP email integration to send transactional emails! Check out pricing comparison table for more info on ways you’ll save. 

Experience sophisticated customer segmentation

Say goodbye to yesterday’s simple customer segments! Experience a new level of segmentation based on more than 100+ different attributes related to personal details, referral source, in-site activity, subscription channel, email activity and shopping behavior. 

next lvl of segmentation
shop behavior GM

Target better with advanced shopping data

Behavioral data is one of the most important targeting methods. With Use shopping behavior such as purchased items and categories, purchase date, top purchased items, number and value of orders, abandoned carts, number of orders with coupons and a lot more to target your marketing campaigns smarter.

Target based on audience email behavior

Serve marketing campaigns including emails and popups based on their reactions to your previous campaigns. Use filters such as as email subscription status, subscription method, number of opened or clicked emails and more to tailor your campaigns to the right audience.

target email behavior
Dynamic product and dynamic blog elements - ActiveCampaign alternative - MailPoet alternative

Add hyper-personalized product lists to your emails

With Growmatik you’d be able to add personalized product suggestions based on your audience’s interests and behavior within your emails.

Use advanced dynamic keywords in your emails to master personalization

In Growmatik there are up to 30 different types of dynamic keywords available for emails, popups and webpage. 

  • {{Name}}
  • {{Location}}
  • {{Sign-Up Date}}
  • {{Total Spent Time}}
  • {{Number of Opened Emails}}
  • {{Last Purchased Item and Date}}
  • {{Number of Orders}}
    and many more.
Advanced Dynamic Keyword Insertion - logic hop alternative - If-So alternative - ActiveCampaign alternative - Groundhogg alternative - MailPoet alternative
personalized blog element

Add personalized blog lists to your emails rather than generic lists

Growmatik provides an individual blog element for your emails, popups and webpage that can be personalized according to recent, related and popular posts or by category and ID.

Recover abandoned carts with smarter follow ups

No matter the plan you’ve chosen, with Growmatik you can include abandoned items in follow-up emails. Enjoy this bit of magic to bring back cart abandoners!

email cart abandoned
email templates

Building email templates is easier and smarter

Building emails has never been easier with Growmatik! Just choose any kind of element you want to have in your email, drag and drop, and voila!

Measure better with smarter analytics

Growmatik’s analytics reports takes the guesswork out of marketing by unveiling the real value of every marketing campaign with tailored KPIs.

GetResponse Alternative - Growmatik
All features are available for all users - ActiveCampaign alternative - Groundhogg alternative - Jilt alternative

All features available in all plans

In Growmatik, all tools are included in all plans and you will be charged based on your usage, not the features you use. Enjoy using all our amazing features regardless of the plant you’re in.

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We were previously using lots of different products in order to achieve the same level of multi-channel marketing that Growmatik can offer us in a single, centralized solution.

Ashley why

Ashley Hollinworth

Director of Marketing and Advertising at Our Agency - UK


Growmatik does everything MailPoet does, better and for a much lower price. 

2,500 Audiences
Standard: $35/month
Pro: $59/month
10,000 Audiences
Standard: $115/month
Pro: $150/month
25,000 subscribers
Standard: $245/month
Pro: $370/month
100,000 subscribers
Standard: $720/month
Pro: $1150/month


Growmatik is designed with a broad marketing and UX perspective in mind and aims to automate your marketing in an efficient way. 

Email Marketing

Transactional emails
Dynamic product list insertion
Abandoned cart items display
✔ (Through Email Automation workflows)
Personalized blog list insertion
Email builder
Built-in email delivery service
Email templates
Broadcast emails
White-label emails

Content Personalization

Content personalizer tool
Code-free content personalization
Dynamic product list insertion
Abandoned cart items display
Personalized blog list insertion
Advanced dynamic tags
Included Server resources
Unlimited data storage
✔(until deactivation of account)


Show popup action
Popup builder
Popup forms
Dynamic product list insertion

Targeting & Segmentation

Targeting – Personal details
Targeting – Geolocation
Targeting – Referral
Targeting – Email & subscription activity
Targeting – Site Activity
✔ (Advanced)
✔ (Limited)
Targeting – Shopping activity
Targeting – Conditional logics
Advanced filtering for segmentation
Segmentation – RFM
Segmentation – personal details
Segmentation – Referred source
Segmentation – Site Activity
✔ (Advanced)
✔ (Limited)
Segmentation – Subscription & email activity
✔ (Advanced)
✔ (Limited)
Segmentation – Shopping activity
Advanced pre-made segments

Built-in Analytics & Attribution

Automation performance reports
Code-free conversion tracking
Site engagement
Email engagement
Conversion rate reports
Revenue reports

Built-in CRM

Contact management
Contact custom attributes
Contact profile
Contact lists
Contact tagging

Other Features

Targeting guest visitors (not registered)
All features available in all premium tiers
Coupon codes
Unlimited sites
Complimentary account setup
Only in Pro plans
Cart abandonment automation
API access
Hubspot integration

This software comparison was last updated on October 15, 2022. If you have any suggested changes or notes, please email them to us.

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