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Marketing Automation for Shopify: Turbocharged and Making $$$

Drive engagement & sales with smart popups, emails and web pages. All from within one tool!

segment audience

Target precisely
Drive highly-targeted traffic with advanced segmentation

personalize landing and product pages

Boost engagement
Capture and engage customers with personalized content

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Skyrocket sales 
Increase lifetime value via smart retention and follow-up campaigns

Track and target segments across all marketing channels

Collect in-depth customer data across all channels and target every user interaction with behavioral filters across their journey.

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Automate your entire marketing, from hi to buy!

Run Shopify marketing automations as easy as point and click.
Deploy ready-made automations or craft your own in a 100% visual, code-free builder.

seamless automation

Right email.
Right person.
Right time.

Build and thrive a strong connection with your audience with unforgettable emails at the most impactful moments.

✔ Nurture and convert leads with smart email sequences. 

✔ Drive repeat sales with smart cross-selling emails.

✔ Boost email engagement with personalized products. 

✔ Show cart items and discount coupon in followup emails.

✔ Drive loyalty with tailored product list based on RFM.

Omni-Channel Marketing Automation - Growmatik

Tailor your store for each audience with highly-targeted pages

Show everyone their own version of your Shopify store based on their stage, attributes and preferences.

✔ Boost landing pages with dynamic keywords and products.

✔ Personalize based on location, source and shopping details.

Smart Pages

Smart popups.
Collect faster.
Nurture better.

Use dynamic popups and advanced display triggers to maximize list growth and engagement.

✔ Collect more leads with on-exit popups.

✔ Grow and nurture leads with giveaway popups.

✔ Convert leads into customers with discount popups.

Smart popups

Drive engagement, sales and repeat sales
with highly personalized content

Show customers a personalized version of your Shopify store that responds to their attributes, interests and behavior.

Personalized blog lists

Personalized blog lists

Show smart blog lists in web pages and email that are tailored based on the customer’s previous reading history.

Growmatik Dynamic keywords - Marketing Automation & Personalization for WordPress

Dynamic keywords

Use 30+ dynamic keywords to personalize the textual content with personal details such as name, location and timezone, or activity details such as spent time, purchase date, last purchased item and more.

Growmatik Personalized products - Marketing Automation & Personalization for WordPress

Personalized product lists

Display personalized products such as related upselling and cross-selling items, discounted items or abandoned cart items in your store pages and emails.

Drag & Drop or use readymade marketing campaigns

Use 100% visual builders to craft emails, popup and web page personalizations.
Alternatively you can use readymade automation recipes as well as email and popup templates.
Personalized popup for Shopify - templates

Integrate and measure analytics
from all channels into one screen

Measure and assess the results of marketing automation for Shopify in any channel.
Get conversion reports about a specific campaign or the entire Shopify website.

Growmatik Measure performance - Marketing Automation & Personalization for WordPress

6 ways marketing automation for Shopify
boosts your business

digital marketing automation personalize landing pages

1-Build smart landing pages to lower customer acquisition cost

Employ personalization based on location or referral source to wow new visitors.

2- Deploy personalized popups to gather more leads

Deploy eye-catching popups and personalized content to achieve conversion levels of up to 60% from lead-gen forms.

Keep leads from clicking away by serving exit intent popups with offers they can’t refuse.
popup lead magnet



email marketing woocommerce - Growmatik personalized products

3- Show customers what they want with tailor-made blog and product lists

Add personalized content to your emails and web pages, including keywords, products and blog posts and watch engagement soar!

4- Re-engage cart abandoners by showing cart items and discount coupons inside emails

Make your cart abandoner follow up emails more engaging to recover 60-80% of abandoned Shopify carts. Target slipping customers to increase net revenue per customer by 60%.

Website personalization for WooCommerce - Recover abandoned carts


Recovered customers

email marketing woocommerce - Growmatik cross-selling emails


Order value

5- Automate smart cross-selling emails to encourage repeat sales

After each purchase, send the customer emails with hand-picked upselling, cross-selling and discounted items and watch the average order value increase by 20%-30%.

6- Tap into RFM segmentation to know and grow your customer base

Reward your top customers with personalized recommendations and coupons to boost lifetime value between 25%-95%.

Website personalization for WooCommerce - RFM segmentation



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It’s exactly what we want to be doing for clients! The nearest thing I can think of in the tools I have used is OmniConvert, which has a completely unattainable pricing structure.

Paul Lacey

Co-host in This Week in WordPress podcast – UK

Do what all other tools do,
better and for a lower price

10,000 subscribers
25,000 subscribers
100,000 subscribers

Don’t pay for features.

Don’t pay for SMTP delivery.

Don’t pay for additional site integrations.