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Growmatik Analytics


In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Analytics page in Growmatik. This is the first page you’ll see when you log into the Growmatik dashboard. Growmatik Analytics provides comprehensive reports about your site’s traffic and your audience.

In the Analytics page, you’ll find various essential reports about your site from different time periods. The Growmatik reports include:

  • Audience Charts
  • Top Sources
  • Top UTMs
  • Top Keywords
  • Top Countries
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate
  • Top Sales
  • Updates
reports page - dashboard

Date selector:

The date range selector is located on the top left corner of the Growmatik Analytics page.

It’s possible to select a predefined date range by clicking on the arrow icon in the date selector. The options are:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last Week
  • Lifetime

Note: The Lifetime option updates the reports based on the date that you integrated your site with Growmatik until today.

You may also apply a custom date range by clicking on the date range selector, then by selecting the start and the end date of your desired period.

reports page - custom date

Note: All the statistics in the Analytics page are updated based on the selected date range. The initial date range when you open the Reports page is set to Lifetime.

Note: When you select a date range, you may see green or red percentage indicators beside the numbers provided in the reports. These numbers represent the growth-rate for the symmetric period of the chosen date range.
For example, if today is 2020-04-26 and you select Last Week from the date selector, the data on the Reports page will be updated based on the data from 2020-04-20 until 2020-04-26 as expected. Consecutively, the growth rate will be calculated by comparing the data of the selected date range with the data from 2020-04-13 until 2020-04-19.

Reports Page - example of custom date

The Visit/Audience toggle:

A toggle is located on top of the Growmatik Analytics page, next to the date range selector, which allows you to view the statistics based on the total number of visits or individual users.

The options are Visit and Audience. When Visit is selected, the reports will be based on the number of page visits (sessions) and when Audience is selected, as the name suggests, the statistics will be updated based on the newly generated users in the selected timeframe.


In Growmatik, visitors are divided into three groups: Guests, Leads and Customers.

  • Guests are the visitors who have not registered nor made any purchases.
  • Leads are the visitors who have registered on your site.
  • Customers are Guests or Leads who have completed a purchase.

Note: A person falls into only one of the mentioned groups. So, as an example, when a Guest or a Lead completes a purchase, he/she is converted to a Customer. Similarly, when a Guest registers on your website, he/she is converted to a Lead.

On the Growmatik Analytics page, there is a graph that shows you the overview of your website’s traffic for a selected timeframe. There are separate tabs that show the data for each visitor type.

Page reports - charts

Note: The data of the chart and the label of the tabs update according to the selected option in the Visit/Audience toggle.

Note: You can hover over the graph line in order to see detailed information on a specific day.

Top Sources:

Every referral to your site has an origin, which is called the Source. The Top Sources table is located right below the graph.  It displays the most popular sources of your website’s traffic, based on the three different user groups of your site.

Reports page - top sources

Note: To sort the Top Sources table data based on any user group, simply click on any user type on the table.
Note: The data of the Top Sources table updates according to the selected option in the Visit/Audience toggle.

Top UTMs:

The Top UTMs table provides information about your custom-defined URLs and lists the most popular ones based on each user group. This section allows you to examine the performance of your UTM tags.

Note: To sort the Top UTMs table data based on any user group, simply click on any user type on the table.

Top Keywords:

The Top Keywords table provides information about the search keywords that led traffic to your website.

Note: To sort the Top Keywords table data based on Clicks or Impressions, simply click on one of the columns.

Note: In order to display the Top Keywords in this table, you need to integrate your website with Google Search Console. To proceed with the integration, click on the shortcut link which takes you to Site Settings where you can start the integration process.

Reports page - top keywords - integrate with google search console

Top Countries:

The Top Countries table shows you the top locations of your audience in the three user groups.

Note: To sort the Top Countries table data based on any user group, simply click on any user type on the table.

Note: The data of the Top Countries table updates according to the selected option in the Visit/Audience toggle.


There is a table located on the top right of the Growmatik Reports page, showing the most viewed pages of your site.

reports page - page views

Additionally, at the top of the table you’ll see:

  • Pageviews: Indicates the total number of page views of your site.
  • Bounce Rate: Shows you the percentage of your website visitors who bounced back from your website. This means that they left your site immediately after landing on one of its pages without navigating any further.
  • Audience: This value represents the total number of all people interacting with your site, which includes all Guests, Leads and Customers.

Top Sales:

At the bottom right of the Growmatik Reports page, you’ll find the Top Sales report that lists your website’s best-selling products and the number of times each of those popular products are sold. In addition, the total sales value is displayed on top of the table.


In the Updates section, you can see the latest news from Growmatik.

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