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Increase your sales with unified
email marketing for Shopify

Send the right email at the right time with extensive targeting and advanced personalization

Use just one tool to automate all your emails, from transactional to broadcast

Automate your entire email marketing arsenal for Shopify from a single dashboard. Just set a simple IF…THEN condition to send personalized transactional emails, broadcast emails and more!

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How Growmatik helps - Testimonial from Jupiter X

We work with over 150,000 customers, but moving our email marketing from Mailchimp to Growmatik couldn’t have been easier!

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Niloufar Firouzmand

Marketing Manager at Jupiter X WP - Turkey


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Precise targeting to help you hit your goal engagement

Enjoy smart targeting for your personalized emails with 50+ filters covering referral, behavioral and demographic details to ensure you reach your target audience.

Boost your conversion rates by 500% thanks to keywords, personalized product and blog lists

Enjoy personalizable elements, from product categories and blog lists to discounted items, keywords and coupons, to connect with your customers’ needs.

email marketing woocommerce - Growmatik personalized content
email marketing woocommerce - no third-party SMTP service needed

No need for third-party email delivery service

Growmatik comes with built-in email delivery services, so you’ll never have to pay for third-party SMTP email services.

Become one of 800+ businesses conducting automated, personalized and engaging email campaigns

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Before switching to Growmatik, we were using multiple products to achieve the same level of cross-channel marketing. Now we just need one solution for all our marketing needs!

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik customer testimonial

Ashley Hollinworth

Director of Marketing and Advertising at Our Agency - UK


Send emails to new and loyal customers alike using RFM segmentation and advanced time range targeting

Identify both repeat and slipping customers thanks to First time/All time/Last time selectors and RFM filters for a specific time range.

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Design stunning email marketing for Shopify with a simple drag and drop tool

Let our 100% visual email building experience help you all the way from designing templates to setting the automation.

Automate marketing across popups and websites, not just emails

Say goodbye to email-only marketing! Growmatik boasts the capability to automate emails, webpage content, popups and more.

email marketing - ActiveCampaign alternative - Groundhogg alternative - MailPoet alternative - Jilt alternative

5 ways to grow your business with Growmatik emails

1. Stunning popups to convert more leads

Craft highly targeted, eye catching popups to boost conversion in lead-gen forms to 60% and keep leads from clicking away with enticing exit-intent popups.

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email marketing woocommerce - Growmatik personalized products


Acquisition costs

2. Show customers what they want with personalized blog and product lists

Add personalized content to your emails, including custom lists and keywords, to court customers for 50% less.

3. Follow up at the right moment to salvage abandoned carts and reactivate slipping customers

Smart target inactive customers to boost net revenue per customer up to 60%. Send highly-personalized emails to salvage 60%-80% of abandoned Shopify carts.

Website personalization for WooCommerce - Recover abandoned carts


Recovered customers

email marketing woocommerce - Growmatik cross-selling emails


Order value

4. Use smart cross-selling emails to encourage repeat sales

Add custom upselling, cross-selling and discounted items to your post-sale emails to increase average order value by 20%-30%.

5. RFM filters help uncover your loyal customer base

Reward loyal customers with coupons and recommendations meant just for them to boost lifetime value between 25%-95%.

Website personalization for WooCommerce - RFM segmentation



Get the functionality of multiple tools⁠—for a much lower cost

❌ Don’t pay for features. ❌ Don’t pay for SMTP delivery.
❌ Don’t pay for additional site integrations. ✅ Pay only for your usage.


It’s exactly what we want to be doing for clients! The nearest thing I can think of in the tools I have used is OmniConvert, which has a completely unattainable pricing structure.

Paul Lacey

Co-host in This Week in WordPress podcast - UK

Website personalization for WooCommerce - Paul Lacey
custom intergation

Connect to your favorite Shopify app

Growmatik is fully integratable with Shopify apps. You can also use Growmatik’s public API to connect to your own custom tools.

Boost engagement and sales with automated email marketing for Shopify

Website personalization for WooCommerce - Free onboarding

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