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Increase Your Sales With Unified Email Marketing for Shopify

Send the right email at the right time with extensive targeting and advanced personalization.

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Precise targeting to help you hit your goal engagement

Enjoy smart targeting for your personalized emails with 50+ filters covering referral, behavioral and demographic details to ensure you reach your target audience.

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One tool to automate all emails, from transactional to broadcast!

Whether it’s a transactional email based on customer behavior or broadcast email like a newsletter, the entire email arsenal for your Shopify store can be automated from a single dashboard.

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Use dynamic content modules to 5x your conversion rates

Engage with your users better using personalized product categories, cross-selling items, discounted items, keywords, blog lists and coupons to connect with your customers’ needs.

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Growmatik's powerful cross-channel marketing automation takes your Shopify store marketing to the next level.

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E-Commerce Expert

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Target your customers‒based on loyalty with RFM segmentation

Use recency, frequency and monetary filters as well as time range filters such as first time/all time/last time to identify loyal and slipping customers across all times or a specific time range. 

Design stunning email marketing for Shopify with a simple drag and drop tool

Let our 100% visual email building experience help you all the way from designing templates to setting the automation.

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Automate marketing across popups and web pages, not just emails

Say goodbye to email-only marketing! Growmatik boasts the capability to automate emails, webpage content, popups and more.

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No third-party email
delivery service required

Growmatik comes with built-in email delivery so you'll never have to pay for third-party SMTP email.

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Growmatik is

You can display EU and marketing email consents in Growmatik popups as well as sign up and checkout forms. You can also filter and segment your audience based on their marketing consents.

6 ways Growmatik does the
email marketing for Shopify, right!

1. Stunning popups to convert more leads

Craft highly targeted, eye catching popups to boost conversion in lead-gen forms to 60% and keep leads from clicking away with enticing exit-intent popups.

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2. Show customers what they want with personalized blog and product lists

Add personalized content to your emails, including custom lists and keywords, to court customers for 50% less.

3. Follow up at the right moment to salvage abandoned carts and reactivate slipping customers

Smart target inactive customers to boost net revenue per customer up to 60%. Send highly-personalized emails to salvage 60%-80% of abandoned Shopify carts.

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Recovered customers

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Order value

4. Use smart cross-selling emails to encourage repeat sales

Add custom upselling, cross-selling and discounted items to your post-sale emails to increase average order value by 20%-30%.

5. RFM filters help uncover your loyal customer base

Reward loyal customers with coupons and recommendations meant just for them to boost lifetime value between 25%-95%.

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Do what all other tools do,
better and for a lower price

Don’t pay for features.

Don’t pay for SMTP delivery.

Don’t pay for additional site integrations.

10,000 subscribers
25,000 subscribers
100,000 subscribers

Connect to your favorite Shopify app

Growmatik is fully integratable with Shopify apps. You can also use Growmatik’s public API to connect to your own custom tools.

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Growmatik brings so much more than a basic newsletter. it is a truly a game-changer. it is easy to setup and implement. I am also loving this tool's web page personalizations.
Divanl Marketing
Of other tools I have looked at, this is a GREAT alternative to ActiveCampaign for most people. Sorry if I am sounding like an ad, but this looks really good.
David Taggart
This seems like a great alternative to Automatewoo! Growmatik will replace a few of my plugins and I'm sure in a couple of years it is going to be the market leader.
David Suescun
Growmatik has been an absolute game changer for my website. This has helped me to significantly boost my conversion rates and grow my business for a very low cost.
Ashish Maroo
Been using Growmatik for 3 days now and I’m still completely impressed with the features. It could replace my popup form builder and email series. Highly recommended!
Paul Dabuco
Growmatik is like the perfect answer to, "Do you know how much money you are leaving on the table?" It essentially is using the concept of personalised atomic design.
Clint Pietersen
I was immediately interested and it does look great. I just have not found the time yet to really test it in depth or implement it. But I feel it’s a great investment and a great team.
Robert Jan
I lost my investment in Automizy (almost $1,000) and also in Muxemail. However, I see a great future for Growmatik thanks to a team with years of experience.
Carlos Venegas
Growmatik is an effective customer nurturing tool with a fast learning Curve. This makes it extremely competitive for micro-businesses, start-ups and solopreneurs like me.
Enrico Giubertoni
With Growmatik, the possibilities to show different marketing automations and combinations for emails, popups and site customization are basically endless.
Macro Dave
This is must for ecommerce and will take any online store to the next level of personalization. The smart pop ups, web pages, and emails are very easy to set up and implement.
Carlos Ubaldo
The perfect tool for marketing automation of an e-commerce site. Easily set up an ultra-personalized customer experience. it is a replacement to MailChimp.
Julien Vanwinsberghe