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A new way to create personalized popups for WordPress websites

Build & serve the right popup to the right audience at the right time.

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Experience laser-precision targeting for your popups

Growmatik utilizes behavioral targeting to display personalized popups to WooCommerce segments. You can target using their in-page activity such as timepass, page scroll and page exit or based on more complex conditions such as shopping activity, surfing history, referral source and referral location.

Build with a next-generation popup builder

Get rid of WordPress builders and use a custom popup builder with an elevated UX to build WordPress popup widgets. Visually add and modify everything you need to create a popup: images, texts, buttons, social icons, videos and form elements.

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Personalize popups with the widest collection of dynamic tags

Use a large variety of 30 dynamic tags to personalize WordPress popup widgets from simple attributes such as personal details, daytime and UTM to advanced attributes such as shopping details and in-site activity.

A premade template for every purpose

Save time by using one of Growmatik’s various readymade personalized popups for WordPress  from lead generation to discount, cart abandonment, giveaway, event and more.

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Get performance reports

Measure the performance of your popups with insightful and actionable analytics reports. Growmatik includes all the KPIs related to your automation to help you decide better and faster.

Why Growmatik?


Growmatik uses its own server resources to run personalized popups for WordPress, so your website performance is not affected.

Growmatik Pricing - All in One - How Growmatik helps

Automate and personalize not just popups but emails and website content as well.

Generous Free Plan - How Growmatik helps

Growmatik pricing is based on usage and growth not the features you use. 

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Boost engagement and conversion with personalized popups for WordPress

Growmatik popups are designed to delight visitors and elicit responses.