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Drive engagement
& sales with personalized emails

Send the right email to the right audience
at the right time.
personalized emails for wordpress
personalized emails for wordpress - wide targeting criteria - MailPoet alternative

Send personalized emails
by widest targeting criteria

Growmatik offers the most complete targeting criteria in the email marketing industry. Use more than 50 attributes covering

Build emails visually

Go beyond WordPress backend editors and create your emails with a 100% visual builder. Growmatik’s email builder provides everything you need to build an email template: images, texts, products, buttons, social icons, videos and form elements.

personalized emails for wordpress - visual email builder
personalized emails for wordpress - personalized products into email - how Growmatik helps

Insert personalized product and blog lists into your email

Engage with your users better with a personalized list of products and blog posts in your email based on their behavior and interests. You can add:

Personalize emails with the widest collection of dynamic tags

Use 30 dynamic tags to personalize your popups from simple attributes such as personal details to advanced attributes such as shopping details and in-site activity.

personalized emails for wordpress - dynamic tags in email
personalized emails for wordpress - premade email templates

A vast library of premade email template for every purpose

Growmatik’s premade email templates serve different purposes such as lead nurturing, customer loyalty, customer retention and more.

Send both broadcast and transactional emails

Don’t use and pay for separate tools for broadcast and transactional emails. Use the same all-in-one dashboard to send either highly personalized emails or a mass campaign to your entire list.

personalized emails for wordpress - broadcast and transactional emails
Customer journey analytics - Growmatik

Get performance reports

See how your personalized emails are performing with a simple yet insightful and actionable analytics report. Growmatik includes all of the metrics related to your email automation to help you decide better and faster.

Let Gromwatik deliver
your emails

Unlike many email marketing tools, you won’t need a third-party email service to send your emails. Growmatik’s built-in email delivery helps you save money by cutting the need for third-party delivery services such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, SparkPost and more.

personalized emails for wordpress - email delivery

Why Growmatik?

Growmatik Pricing - All in One - How Growmatik helps

Automate and personalize not just emails
but popups and website content as well.

Unrivaled Pircing - How Growmatik helps

Send up to 15,000 emails per month for $0!

Generous Free Plan - How Growmatik helps
Growmatik pricing is based on usage and growth.
Features and number of websites used are not factor.
personalized emails for wordpress
Send personalized emails
they can’t help but click
When you send exactly what they want,
they listen to what you have to say.