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Personalized emails for WordPress made easy!

Send the right email to the right audience
in the right time.

Growmatik Email builder

Smart & Personalized

Growmatik’s powerful email builder provides everything you need to build an email template: images, texts, products, buttons, social icons, videos and form elements.

Use dynamic elements such as the audience’s first name or username to create a personalized email.

Growmatik Email library

A vast library
for every purpose

Growmatik’s readymade email templates serve different purposes such as lead nurturing, customer loyalty, customer retention and more.

Personalized Email - Readymade Library
Personalized Email - Smart Targeting
Smart Targeting

Send mass email campaigns or highly targeted ones

Send personalized emails for your leads and customers according to their stage on your website. 

Nurture your leads, help them convert and retain your customers with efficient email campaigns.

Automated execution

Say what and when and Growmatik automates

Define the condition that triggers an email for your user (date, behavior, etc.) and Growmatik automatically launches it when conditions are met.

Performance Report

Get performance report

See how your personalized emails are performing with a simple yet insightful report.

Send personalized emails
they can’t help but click

When you send exactly what they want, they listen to what you have to say.