Niloufar FirouzmandMarketing Manager – Jupiter X
The Growmatik migration team helped us move all our marketing emails for the 200,000-member Jupiter X community from Mailchimp to Growmatik. It was a breeze!
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Mucahit Gayiran​Co-founder at Artboard Studio
You will be surprised how easy and affordable omni-channel marketing is with Growmatik.​ It is like Voltran for any marketer.
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Andriy Zapisotskyi​Growth Lead - Mailtrap
Growmatik offers one of the smartest email automation solutions for WooCommerce on the market.​
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Paul Lacey​Co-host in This Week in WordPress podcast
It’s exactly what we want to be doing for clients! The nearest thing I can think of in the tools I have used is OmniConvert, which has a completely unattainable pricing structure.
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Clint Fontanella​​Marketing Manager - HubSpot
If you’re serious about smart, data-driven customer segmentation, you should consider the Growmatik for WordPress.​
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