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Let everyone see
their own version of
your WordPress website

Give life to your customer journey.
Show people exactly what they want to see.

The world’s most advanced
webpage personalizer for WordPress

Use the powerful Growmatik personalizer tool to make changes, add or
remove content to your page without touching the source code.

Add and edit content

Define the changes you want in the personalized version. Add, remove or change content with text, image, button, video, social icons, blog or products. 

Webpage Personalizer - Dynamic Elements

Add dynamic content

Define dynamic elements on your page that will get filled by different values from your visitor URL or time and date of the visit.

Personalize based on user stage

Webpage Personalizer customizes a different version of your webpage content based on each user’s stage in your website. For example  a visitor, a lead and a customer will see different intro sections on your homepage.

Webpage Personalizer - User Stage 1
Webpage Personalizer - User Stage 2
Webpage Personalizer - User Stage 3

Or personalize based on each user’s attributes and preferences

If you want personalized content for highly specific users, you can create personalization based on various user attributes such as source, location, keyword, user behavior, etc.

Growmatik Webpage Personalizer

Utterly simple execution

As simple as ‘IF this THEN personalize’! Define a simple rule for your personalization with the condition to trigger the personalization listed. And that’s it!


Get performance report of your personalization

Get a simple and insightful report on how your personalization is doing with Growmatik’s performance report.

Performance Report

Show people exactly
what they want to see

Personalize your website content for each user based on their stage, attributes and preferences.