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Pay as you grow

Growmatik pricing model is flexibly designed to meet the needs of businesses of every size, from small businesses to large enterprises.

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Why Growmatik?

Growmatik Pricing - All in One - How Growmatik helps

Cut third-party dependency, save money and free up time to focus on growth

Unrivaled Pircing - How Growmatik helps

Growmatik pricing is unrivaled! 
Pay the least for maximum value

Generous Free Plan - How Growmatik helps

Manage as many as 2,000 contacts, personalize for 10,000 visits and send up to 15,000 monthly emails for free!

Growmatik Pricing - Not convinced?

Still not convinced?

See why Growmatik is your best choice

How Growmatik pricing compares

Growmatik offers a noticeably lower price point based on your usage compared to other tools.
All features are included in all plans and tiers, and there’s no extra charge for server storage or email delivery.

Growmatik vs. If-So
Growmatik vs. Groundhogg
Growmatik vs. ActiveCampaign
Growmatik vs. Logic Hop
Growmatik vs. Jilt
Growmatik vs. MailPoet

Growmatik vs. Optimizely

Growmatik vs. Proof Experiences

Frequently asked questions

A “visit” is a single browsing session. If a visitor views another page on your site within 30 minutes of the last pageview, it’s counted as the same visit. If a visitor returns to your site after 30 minutes elapsed since the last pageview, then it’s counted as a separate visit. A session will be closed if the user is inactive for 30 minutes, logs out of your site, visits your site from an external site or uses UTM parameters or the user closes the browser tab/window.

A “contact” is the total number of your leads and customers. To be more specific, contacts are the combination of everyone who you have their personal details that are added to Growmatik through different methods (such as WordPress sign-up, lead generation forms and popups, imports and third-party integrations).

It happens automatically! When you sign up and start using Growmatik, you’ll get all of the features for free up to a specific number of visits, contacts and email sends per month. If you pass the monthly limit, we’ll upgrade you to the next plan/tier based on your usage. So your billing will grow based on your usage. If your usage declines, we’ll automatically downgrade you to smaller plans to spare your wallet.

No, you’ll get the same set of features in all plans. The only difference is the type of customer support and the usage limitations in each plan and tier. You’ll be billed for the usage not the feature sets.

When you reach 80% of your monthly usage limit, we’ll send an email to notify you. You’ll will be charged for what you have used ($0.80 per every 1000 emails).

We offer special pricing to high-volume websites, agencies, charities and non-profits. Please get in touch with us to discuss the details.

Details about our affiliate program will be released soon. Please get in touch with us for an early registration.

When you start using Growmatik, we offer everything for free up to certain usage limitations (visits, contacts and emails). Therefore, you have enough time and opportunity to try Growmatik before subscribing to a paid plan. We do not offer any refunds if you have upgraded to our paid plan.

We use Stripe for accepting recurring payments, therefore we accept all credit card types supported by Stripe. Paypal and direct debit (in some countries) payments will be offered in the future.

We’ll email to notify you about any limit overage. We’ll then automatically upgrade you to the next plan or tier.

We’ll automatically downgrade your plan, and you’ll be billed for what you actually used within the billing cycle.

No, you’ll only need to add billing details if you hit your monthly usage limit in free plan. We’ll then email you for the billing details.

Growmatik makes unified, automated, omni-channel & personalized marketing possible


This software comparison was last updated on August 31 2020. If you have any suggested changes or notes, please email them to us.