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customer journey
in WordPress & segment with precision

Understand people at a glance, see what they’re doing and learn where to invest

See overall performance in main dimensions

See how your website is doing with regards to main dimensions Location, Source, Landing Page, Subscription and Purchase.

Growmatik Customer Journey - Samples
Growmatik Customer Journey

Choose one dimension
to look through your users

You can select one of the main dimensions (Location, Source, Landing page, Subscription & Purchase) to get detailed info about what your users did within that dimension.

Growmatik Customer Journey - Location Dimension Sample

Within the past quarter, among the users coming from the United States, landing page X has been the most popular, and they were mostly referred by Facebook. Some 400 of which have signed up, and 23 of which have bought dolls.

Select two or more dimensions
to see specific funnels

You can look through a compound funnel set with a combination of two or more dimensions such as

Which means users who came from Location X through Source Y and landed on Landing Z.

Growmatik Customer Journey - Multi-dimensional Sample 1

Customers who have purchased Olive Lotion via the guest checkout are mostly referred by Instagram.

Understand your entire
business in one screen

Oversee your website funnels, amplify what’s working and fix what’s not working.