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Author: Maziar Firuzmand

How to measure the performance of marketing automation

Let's learn why, how and what when it comes to measuring the performance of marketing automation and how to measure the performance of different types of campaigns using Growmatik.

Digital marketer’s guide on how to personalize content with dynamic keywords

In this article, we'll explore dynamic keywords function in personalization and show you how to use them with some practical examples in emails, popups and webpage content.

How to personalize landing pages for ads in WordPress

In this article, we'll explain most important elements that can be personalized on an ad landing page and how to do that with some practical tips.

What we shipped: Advanced segmentation, user management, white-labeling emails and more to make Growmatik more powerful

Over the past 3 months, we’ve been hard at work improving and creating new features to enhance the Growmatik experience and make it more powerful for you. Let’s embark on an overview of the new features and also take a glimpse at what other exciting features are coming up next!

What is WooCommerce customer journey and how to use it for growth

In this article, we'll show you how customer journey experience can help your WooCommerce online store enter new markets and make new sales - and maintain a loyal customer base.

How to geographically personalize your WordPress website without coding

In this article, we’ll explore geolocational personalization in WordPress website and provide some tips on how you can effectively personalize your website according to the visitors’ location.

Automated Marketing for WordPress: How To Make it Personal

Marketing is no longer a one-size-fits-all nowadays. In a world overrun by advertising and marketing, the only relevant marketing is a personally tailored message.