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Month: June 2021

Digital marketing automation in the age of Growth Hacking

Automated digital marketing is essential these days, but did you know it perfectly complements a growth hacking mindset? In this article you can discover key tips for choosing the right automation platform and effective automation recipes.

How to build your website personalization strategy based on customer shopping activity

Personalization is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. In this article we will provide a complete guide on how to plan and execute a successful personalization strategy based on shopping activity.

What we shipped: new Automation page, new Reports page, 2 new actions, EU and marketing emails consent, WP Fusion Lite integration and more

New Report page, new automation dashboard, EU and marketing email consents and new automation actions are some of the exciting new features we have added over the last three months that will hugely improve your experience and capabilities when automating your marketing.