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Get actionable analytics
about your marketing
and scale your success

Get invaluable analytics about your automations.
Track the performance of a campaign or the entire website.

Analytics - Growmatik
Analytics reports - Growmatik

Go beyond session-based analytics and measure real growth

Don’t just learn how many sessions a source is sending. See how many leads and customers different locations, sources and campaigns are sending.

Assess each automation’s performance with tailored reports

Measure your marketing automation performance with custom analytics reports and make informed decisions about what’s next.
Customer journey analytics - Growmatik
discover customer journey in wordpress - Customer Journey tool - MailPoet alternative

Meet your customer journey super power! Available exclusively on Growmatik

The Growmatik Customer Journey tool is an interactive magic wand to help you uncover your site’s life funnels. See which funnel is working and what should be done next.

Why Growmatik?

The only automation tool with
built-in attribution and analytics

Generous Free Plan - How Growmatik helps

Growmatik pricing is based on usage and growth not the features you use. 

Unrivaled Pircing - How Growmatik helps

Manage as many as 2,000 contacts, personalize for 10,000 visits and send up to 15,000 monthly emails for free!

Analytics - Growmatik
Understand your entire
business in one screen

Oversee your website funnels, amplify what’s working and fix what’s not working.