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Track, Attribute & Optimize
Your Entire Analytics in One Place

Get actionable analytics about your website.
Track the performance of every marketing campaign. Get immediate insights into customer behavior.

One unified tool to measure what matters to your store

Growmatik’s gives you a comprehensive analytics, covering both sales and marketing analytics. Our reports cover all channels, touchpoints and campaigns (including web pages, popups and emails, referrals and more) and are driven by value (engagement and conversion). There are both general analytics report and individual reports about each marketing campaign.

Measure your store performance, deeper and smarter

Get an in-depth understanding of your shop with all the meaningful statistics you need. Rather than statistical figures, our reports are complemented with growth indicators and comparisonal graphs within your chosen time period so you can measure growth and take action.


  • The number of orders
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue
  • Average order value
  • Order frequency
  • Repeated customer purchase
  • Number of new and returning leads and customers
  • Product performance (revenue and quantity sold)


  • New leads
  • Returning leads and customers
  • Returning customers

Measure engagement with your website

Measure the engagement metrics either about your entire metrics or individual pages. Smartly track growth by growth indicators and visual graphs within the time period of your choice.

  • Sessions
  • Users
  • Page
  • Views
  • Bounce rate
  • Average time spent

Measure the value delivered by every referral source

Unveil details such as the number of sign-ups and sales referred by every traffic contributor to your website, including external domain, UTMs and locations.

Measure the value driven by every marketing campaign

Examine your marketing campaigns performance with tailor made reports based on different campaign types (emails, web page personalization and popups).

Growmatik marketing campaign reports are centrally organized to show engagement and the conversions caused by that campaign respectively.

Measure email campaigns in depth

Have complete control over your email campaigns performance whether they are transactional or broadcast emails by tracking every important metric:

  • Total sent emails
  • Click and open rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Generated visits
  • Generated revenue

Measure popups performance smartly

Find out how many new sign ups and how much revenue was generated as a result of a popup.

Measure how web page personalizations are performing

Track how your web page personalizations are doing by tracking how many times they were triggered and the conversions caused by them.

How Growmatik helps - Testimonial from Jupiter X
Our users spent 3x more time on their
Jupiter X WP dashboard after we added personalized keywords and blog recommendations using Growmatik.

Niloufar Firouzmand

Marketing Manager at Jupiter X WP - Turkey

Integrate with your favorite tools & plugins

From external lead generation tools to several major page builders, Growmatik can connect to your tools of choice. You can also connect Growmatik to your custom tools using its public API.

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