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Drive sales & engagement with
cross-channel marketing automation

Automate your entire marketing and drive more sales via personalized web pages, emails and popups, all from within one tool!

Target smarter

Drive highly-targeted traffic with advanced segmentation

Engage better

Capture and engage customers with personalized content

Sell faster

Increase lifetime value via smart retention and follow-up campaigns

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik segmentation

Understand your customers in depth and target smarter

It’s customer data in action! Form a holistic understanding of your customers and target them based on their behavior across all channels.

Automate your entire marketing, from hi to buy!

It only takes two simple steps to run marketing automation at any touchpoint: If X, then Y.
Use readymade recipes or build your own automation without writing a single line of code.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik smart webpages

Smart Web Pages

Growmatik web page personalizer makes generic web pages response-provoking and action-triggering.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik highly-targeted emails

Highly-targeted Emails

Engage and re-engage customers with smart emails at key moments.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Automate your entire marketing
WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik lead-gen Popups

Lead-gen Popups

Generate more leads and sales with the right popup at the right time.

5x your leads, sales and repeat sales with smart content

Faster growth starts with relevancy. Growmatik helps you display and deliver exactly what your customers want.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik personalized product lists

Personalized products lists

Display specific products or personalized items such as related upselling and cross-selling items, discounted items or abandoned cart items in your website and emails.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik personalized blog lists

Personalized blog lists

Show popular or recent blog posts in your website and emails, plus smart lists tailored based on previous reading history. You can also show a specific post ID or category.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik personalized keywords

Personalized keywords

Use 30+ dynamic keywords to personalize your textual content using personal details such as name, location and timezone, or activity details such as spent time, purchase date, last purchased item and more.

Drag and drop beautiful marketing campaigns

Visually craft emails and popup templates or use readymade ones. Growmatik is also the only webpage content personalizer in the industry that is 100% visual and involves no coding.

Measure results to scale your success

Measure and assess the results of each marketing activity. Get invaluable data about your automations. Track the performance of a specific campaign or the entire website.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik Analytics

Your customers are abandoning you. Regain them now with smart campaigns!

We were previously using lots of different products in order to achieve the same level of multi-channel WooCommerce marketing automation that Growmatik offers in a single, centralized solution.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Growmatik customer testimonial

Ashley Hollinworth

Director of Marketing and Advertising at Our Agency - UK

With Growmatik, businesses like you:

1- Reduce customer acquisition cost via smart landing pages

Impress visitors with personalized content
based on geolocation or referring source.



2- Collect more leads
with smart popups

Achieve up to 60% conversion in lead-gen forms
with beautiful popups and provoking content.
Catch the lead before they leave by showing personalized coupons in on-exit popups

3- Boost engagement
with tailored blog and product lists

Drive more engagement using personalized content, products, blog posts and keywords in your web pages and emails.

Website personalization for WooCommerce - Tailored product lists
Website personalization for WooCommerce - Recover abandoned carts


Recovered customers

4- Re-engage abandoned carts
and slipping customers
with smart follow-ups

Recover 60%-80% of  abandoned carts with highly-personalized content.
Increase net revenue per customer by 60% via advanced targeting of inactive customers.

5- Drive repeat sales
with smart cross-selling emails

Drive a 20%-30% increase in average order value with post-purchase emails including highly-personalized upselling, cross-selling and discounted items.

WooCommerce marketing automation - Drive repeat sales


Order value

Website personalization for WooCommerce - RFM segmentation



6. Know and expand your loyal customer base with RFM segmentation

Increase customer lifetime value by 25%-95% by rewarding loyal customers with personalized coupons and recommendations.

Integrate with your E-commerce store

Does what all other tools do combined, better and for a much lower price

❌ Don’t pay for features. ❌ Don’t pay for SMTP delivery.
❌ Don’t pay for additional site integrations. ✅ Pay only for your usage.

It’s exactly what we want to be doing for clients! The nearest thing I can think of in the tools I have used is OmniConvert, which has a completely unattainable pricing structure.

Paul Lacey

Co-host in This Week in WordPress podcast - UK

Website personalization for WooCommerce - Paul Lacey

Integrate with your
favorite tools & plugins

From external lead generation tools to several major page builders, Growmatik can connect to your tools of choice. You can also connect Growmatik to your non-WP tools using its public API.

We helped 700 businesses
move to Growmatik for free

Most businesses who decide to move to Growmatik marketing automation, already use other tools.
We’ll handle the transition for free.

How Growmatik helps - Testimonial from Jupiter X
The Growmatik migration team helped us move all our marketing emails for the
150,000-member Jupiter X WordPress theme community from Mailchimp to Growmatik.
And it was a breeze!

Niloufar Firouzmand

Marketing Manager at Jupiter X WP - Turkey

Website personalization for WooCommerce - Free onboarding

✅ 1on1 Zoom calls
✅ Help migrate your marketing stack
✅ Answer your questions
✅ Import your contacts
✅ Help build your campaigns

Grow sales and save time with end-to-end marketing automation